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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Menu Favorites

It's summer and you know what that means... I'm obsessed with grilled pizza.  Obsessed!  I would probably make it every night except I should probably give the family *some* variety.  So I do every other night instead... or close to it.  Sometimes I even shake things up and go sans sauce and cheese like above... just olive oil and salt/pepper drizzled on top. 

(Side note: I'm also recently obsessed with freshly ground pepper... does anyone grind their own?  Is it more cost effective to buy a grinder and my own peppercorns?  I just buy one from the store but I'm becoming addicted so I may need to look into this more...)

But besides pizza I'm not really "cooking" a whole lot these days.  It's not that it's super hot so I'm feeling super lazy (the weather here is pretty mild, and even chilly most days) it's just that it's summer and I don't feel like turning on the oven ever.  But I read this post by Emily and had a "duh moment" about pasta salad.  So I whipped one up... pasta, zucchini, tomato, hard boiled egg, mozz cheese, fresh dill and parsley from the garden, homemade dressing, salt and lots of freshly ground pepper ;o) and a few other things I forget.  Turned out pretty good... I might like to toss some jalapenos in sometime.  Or pepperoni.  Or feta.  Mmmmm definitely feta.

Look how pretty it is outside my window! :o)  I told Jesse last night this is the most beautiful place to live in the whole wide world... and not that I want to live here forever or anything... I'm just super thankful to be able to enjoy it while we have it!

Tschüss!  (Pronounced "choos"... German for "bye")


  1. Sounds delicious!! And your view is amazing!

  2. Looks great! I love grilled pizza and freshly ground pepper too! Seems to me that we've had freshly ground pepper for as long as I can remember. It definitely makes a difference.

  3. Great view! Thanks for the grilled pizzas idea-sounds wonderful!