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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Why So Serious?"

Check this bruise out!  This is what happens when little girls get in a fight with the coffee table.  I wasn't witness to the actual fall (doing dishes) but Jesse was on the couch and apparently she was just running along happy go lucky and tripped.  Obviously, as you can see by the bruise, she fell face first right into the edge.  All I heard was a sickening crack and Jesse yell "WHOA".  I turned around in time to see him scooping her up, which I knew meant it was bad cause we try not to be too overly cuddly when she falls.  She usually gets more of a "you're okay" and "shake it off" ;o)

She only bled a little... we're not sure from where.  Maybe the corner of her lip or the inside of her cheek.  But she's totally fine... this girl is tough, let me tell you what!  And now the only thing I have to deal with is hearing Jesse say "why sssooo sssserious" in his best Joker voice, which he knows creeps me out. 

This picture cracks me up.  Sam, what's going on with your face here? :o)

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