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Monday, August 15, 2011

Four Hours Later, Four Pics for You

I just finished sorting through ALL the pictures on our computer.  They were "categorized" in folders but it was utter chaos.  I fixed it.  In four hours.  Okay, the four hours is a bit of an exaggeration, because it's been almost four hours since the girls *usual* bedtime, but I didn't actually get LJ to bed on time tonight and then I know that I did some clean up and dishes, and then J and I did some work in the garden.  So... it's been more like three hours.  Not counting the hour (at least) that I wasted by looking THROUGH all the pictures!  (What, I can't help it!)  But anyways, the post title sounded cool ;o)

There are so many pictures.  So many years of our life represented.  I feel old.  I feel blessed.  I feel happy.  And tired.  So I'm going to move this post along.

I wanted to post so many different pics that I uncovered, but I chose these four:

Number One.  Jesse took this before we were married.  It was actually within the first few months after we'd met because it was the early morning of a Fall Fest that he helped the church plan (Go-Go Catalyst... thanks for being an instrument to bring me my husband!!!).  I absolutely love this shot.  Jess has a great eye for composition.  We argue a lot who is a better photographer... but honestly sometimes I *have* to admit that he rocks ;o)

Number Two.  I took this one.  Almost a year before I was pregnant with LJ.  It's Denison Park in the Spring.  I could walk here from our apartment in South Corning.  I loved that apartment.  Besides this house, it may still be my favorite.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe cause that's where we brought our first baby girl home.

Ah, Biloxi.  I actually really miss you.  And this surprises me.  This yankee FOR SURE never EVER thought she'd say she missed living in the deep south!  It's like another country down there! ;o)  But seriously, how could I not miss the place where my family became an Air Force family?  Or the place my first daughter learned to walk?  Or the place my second daughter was born?  Or the place I met my first Air Force friends who I'll never forget?  Come on.  I love that place.  Miss it. 

I also love cell phones and the fact that they've made it possible for you to always have a camera in your pocket!  This is one J took of a sleepy Saturday morning in Biloxi, Mississippi after I got LJ up and brought her in to snuggle with us.  This says it was taken a few weeks after Sam was born, but I'm not sure how we would have been peacefully in our bed like this, as Sam was still next to us in the pack 'n play till she was at least two months.  Mysterious.  But don't you just love this?  Lily doesn't usually cuddle.  And J caught her :o)

I love this one.  Again, I'm so thankful for cell phones.  The story behind this one goes:  Infant.  Less than a month old at this point.  Family (gotta love em!) all here for the holidays.  Momma and Baby trying to take a much needed nap... but Baby not cooperating.  Momma not *usually* a fan of co-sleeping, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Jesse came up to check on us and this is what he found :o)  You can see I'd taken the necessary precautions (so she wouldn't suffocate or anything) to keep her safe, but what you can't see is my hand over her.  She just wanted me to be holding her.  And sometimes you gotta give a kid [some version of] what she wants. 

I really like that none of the four pictures that jumped out at me to share from tonight's project were from the Nikon.  Which reminds me that a priceless picture doesn't necessarily start with a DSLR (or knowing how to use it!  PHEW!) but with having an eye for capturing where you're at!

Ooookay goodnight.  Finally! :o)


  1. I LOVE those pictures! SO beautiful! Your such a good mommy :) And good for you getting all those pictures organized-what a task!

  2. These pictures make me nostalgic; for my friend Jess, for babies, and for a time that hasn't even passed yet.

  3. how beautiful!
    and how quickly time has flown -
    and congratulations on a job well done :)

  4. Hil, a time that hasn't passed, yet? (And save some time for coffee with your friend Jess in early October, PS)

    Bethanne, do you miss it? Cause I totally do! I bet we'll both be missing it when we experience *real* winters this year!