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Saturday, August 20, 2011

In the Kitchen This Week

This past weekend Diana and Harold (our official landlords) came to DIY Lily's bedroom carpet.  It really bothered them that it had a stain, which made me laugh because the only time she really spends in there she's asleep... but oh well :o)  Anyways, while they were here they also visited with Lilo (the two little girls were here, too... Hannah and the other one who's name I don't know if I've ever been told) and did some yard work.  Harold brought me a bunch of apples from the tree.  He said we can start harvesting them now if we want, because the tree is getting too heavy.  And then we will take them all down and store them in the cellars by the end of October.  YAY!  Harold says they're "cooking apples".  So I made applesauce.  These apples are mighty sour, but the girls and I like it. 

Green tomato relish.  I used this recipe that I found online and I'm pretty pleased with it.  Everyone likes it, actually.  Jesse is the only one who's unsure but he still ate it ;o)  It went really well with the sausage and rice and I also tried it mixed with yogurt cheese on crackers and that was delicious!

Since I knew I wanted to give the cracker dip a try I was distraught when I realized I had no flour to make crackers!  I haven't been able to find whole wheat flour at Wasgau so it's on the list to get at the Commissary early this week.  But then I remembered in my bread book that you can use the wet dough recipe for crackers!  Just roll out thin and wa-la!  I happened to have some dough ready to go in the fridge so I gave it a try.  I have to say I prefer my whole "wheat thin" recipe from Kitchen Stewardship's snack ebook, but this one is a close second in a pinch.  What I didn't like about it was that it was harder to get the dough evenly rolled and so the parts that weren't thin enough didn't get crisp.  They just ended up tasting chewy... but in the icky stale bread kind of way.  But it was only my first try, too.  So maybe they'll be better next time :o)  Lily chowed 'em down, of course!


  1. chips look yummy
    (so does Lilyj =)

  2. Thanks. And yeah, she is rather delicious ;o)