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Sunday, August 14, 2011

When in Rome: Carry an Umbrella and Dress Warm... and Walk

The Germans walk everywhere.

And from what I've seen, and what I've heard, they don't care what the weather's doing.  Walking is part of everyone's daily routine.  It's not just about "going for a walk" for exercise, like I do a lot.  It's about walking to get errands done.  Walking somewhere you need to go.  Walking cause you can.

The sky can look like this.  And they're dressed warm, umbrella in hand.  Walking.

The Otterberg schools are back in session already.  I know this because I can hear the kids laughing and screaming during recess, and I can hear the school bell chime for class to start.  But I also know this because I see the parents and kids walking down the street to school.

This morning, I saw them doing it in a downpour!  So what I really saw, from my second story vantage point, was a bunch of umbrellas walking down the street!

What I love about this was that it challenged and encouraged me to not let the weather upset my plans.  I was kind of considering canceling my trip to the thrift store with Jen today.  I didn't want to go out in the rain with the girls.  But the Germans, man.  They're so hardcore.  I wanted to be tough like them!

(PS: it didn't really matter cause it wasn't raining about ten minutes later.  The weather here messes with my mind!)

But all this reminded me of a saying I read (from the book Cassie got us about Germany) that the Germans have about biking (which obviously applies to walking as well):

"There's no bad weather for biking, only bad clothing."

So there you go folks.  Don't let the weather get you down.  Dress for the occasion, grab your umbrella (and two kids and diaper bag, and everything else you need for your outing!), and get out there! 


  1. haha! we Americans are wooses! (sp) and by 'we' i mean 'me'!

  2. Perhaps a nice "surprise" treat would be one of those plastic stroller covers that keep little girls dry in whatever German weather may be on the horizon.

  3. I need to always think of this when the weather here starts turning to winter...or perhaps I will not go out for 5 Months. -Cassie

  4. Hil, I'm DEFINITELY getting one of those covers! Especially since I discovered amazon has one that's less than $15! I'll certainly be getting my money's worth for that one! :o)

    Cass, I hear ya! But I know as much as I'm a home-body and love the idea of hibernating, I'd go craaaaaazy! So warm clothes and a stroller cover it is!