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Friday, September 16, 2011

Havin' a Blast at the Bazaar

It was a beautiful day for shopping.  (What day isn't, though?)  The Bazaar is set up at the end of the flight line using those two hangers on the left and one big tent in the middle.  And on the right is a huge row of food tents... that smelled (and tasted) AMAZING! 

Lily was totally geeking out that we could see the airplanes on the other side of the runway taking off.  She's really into airplanes lately, or "bruuuuuuszch", as she calls them.  (You know, like the sound they make?)  I can't wait till we Space-A (in just a couple weeks!!!) cause we'll get to sit on the second floor of the terminal and watch them... plus we get to ride in one!  This girl's going to be so happy!

This girl wasn't so happy about the bright sunshine, but Jen hooked her up with some wicked shades.  This is while Lily and I were making a visit to the potty (The Potty Princess was accident-free the whole time!).   

Jen is trying to win Sam's heart.  Sam only tolerates her.  Sam's kind of a jerk ;o)

Our first stop (besides the potty ha!) was for some of the famous RESA lemonade.  RESA is the Ramstein Enlisted Spouses Club.  They make a mean lemonade.

And then on to the fun stuff:  Cuckoo clocks!  Polish pottery!  Spanish ceramics!  Antiques!  Liquors!  Paintings!  Chocolate!  Russian jewelry!  Hats!  Soaps!  Furniture!  German toys!  It was so so neat to walk around and see all the vendors.

Jen and I discovered two things.  One, we wish we were rich.  Two, because we are not rich, we tend to be a little too frugal for some of the fancy-cute-expensive stuff sold at things like the Bazaar.  Jen has told me that the flea markets (which are all the rage here!) will be much more to my liking and she's going to take me sometime :o) 

Here's a good example: my basket!  Except, none of these baskets became my basket... because I nearly choked when I read the price tags.  Whoever told me they'd be cheap at the Bazaar was a dirty, dirty liar ;o) 

And I decided that instead of spending that money on a nifty German basket, I would instead buy myself the fantastic tan suede boots I found... if I'm gonna spend that kind of money you better believe it's not going to be on a basket!  (And for the record, some of the baskets were actually MORE expensive than my boots!  Yikes!)  But Jen reminded me that we've seen them cheaper... so maybe I'll still score one before we leave the country.  I still do like them.  Just not as much as my boots!

Note on the boots: I forgot to have Jen take a picture of them and then I forgot to have Jesse take a picture of them.  Fear not, I'm sure they will make an appearance on the blog someday.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Lily was given a sucker... which made her a happy, sticky mess by the time we got to the car :o) 

And don't let this kid's smile fool ya.  She was not, in fact, happy for most of the trip.  But she went to bed early so hopefully the extra beauty sleep helps her forgive me for the trauma of so. much. shopping.

But I was really pleased with my spoils from the day.  I am now almost completely done Christmas shopping!  Can you believe it?  And I even got most of the gifts for all our family birthdays in December! 

And my boots are going to serve me well this winter... they have a nice wedge heel so they're dressy and fun, but they're high and warm and comfortable and  therefore probably going to be the only thing I wear all winter ;o)  Bring on the cold, Germany!  I'm ready! 

Though if you ask me in about three more months, I'll probably just shiver.  And tell you I wish I was back down south where I didn't even need a winter coat! 


  1. Sounds like a fun day! You'll have to rock those boots for us when you come to town :)

  2. I love your post about 1000x more than mine! It's super fun. ANND I willlll win Sam's heart someday.

  3. Oh don't you worry Mattea, I think those boots are going to be the only shoes I bring besides my sneakers ;o)

    And Jen, I'm fully confident you will win her!

  4. Looks like a VERY fun day - with way too much to buy and see and do! I'm proud of the potty princess - - and Sammy you better be nice to Jen!

    [Gramma R. starts to worry - just a little - that Samantha Jordan will be 'kinda a jerk' at my house and that will not be acceptable!]

  5. Ooooooh don't worry Gramma R. She has her good days and her bad days as far as separation anxiety goes... but more good than bad. Fear not ;o)