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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, Two Girls in a Tub

By popular request (Hi, Mom!) here are some videos :o) 

Sam is kind of being stubborn about sitting up on her own these days.  It's a task I'm pretty sure she can do, she just won't.  So when I want them to have some bath-time together, I just keep the water level low so she can "swim" on her back.

Lily kept trying to reveal Sam's princess cracks to the world.  Not cool ;o) 

Speaking of not cool, Lily also refused to show the camera some of her fave bath-time activities... mainly putting the wet sponges on her head and squeezing them out so she gets all wet.  And "brushing her hair" with the bottle scrubber. 

Who does she think she is, an uncooperative toddler or something?  Sheesh. 


  1. LIKE! btw - it's September 1st!!!! that means in maybe like a month I get to SEE YOU FOR REAL!!

  2. could watch these over and over again. oh, wait, i have!!
    whispers repeatedly to self -- October's coming,,,october's coming,,,october's coming...october's coming

  3. October. Such a lovely month :o)