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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sisters Make the Best Roommates

I'm running an experiment.

It's called "what will happen if Lily and Sam share a room?"  

Why?  A few reasons:  

1.  To prep them for our vacation to the States.  They'll most likely be sharing a room at the three different homes we'll be staying. 

2.  To prep them for winter.  Jesse and I came up with the brilliant plan to save money on our heating bill by putting them in the same room so we only have to heat one upstairs room!

3.  To get Lily out of bed sooner.  I've always wondered if Lily "sleeps" too much.  Most days lately I let her stay in bed until 10am!  She's not sleeping when I go up there... she's just laying there.  So I don't really know when she actually wakes up.

This just feels like too long when you consider she goes to bed at 7pm.  But any time I tried to drag her tushy out of bed sooner, she'd be really whiny. 

One thing I noticed, however, is that if she gets woken up gradually... like if I purposefully make noise while getting Sam around in the morning... she seems to get less grumpy about it.  So maybe I'm being weird or selfish... but I'm going to see how it goes using Sam as Lily's alarm clock ;o)  I want more time to play with the girl! 

So they hung out a little bit in Sam's room.  For the winter, they'll share Lily's room because Lily will be in a toddler bed and the window and heater are out of her reach in there.  But we just put the crib together again and don't want to move it till we have to :o)

We did the diaper changes and the nursing and then Momma read them a few poems... which Sammy whined and cried through.  She has to get used to the reading part I guess.

Last night was Trial One.  They slept well.  We'll see if they wake up well!


  1. I hope the experiment goes well! I am so excited that you are reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to your kids...I thought of that book yesterday while I was taking Kates for a walk and got to a point where the sidewalk ended (cheesy, I know!) I'll have to look for that at our library :)

  2. Sweet. Glad it went well last night. Can't wait to hear how this morning went for ya. I'm attempting to change things up for my kiddos. My sister is staying with us and I'd like to give her a room, but the thought of Miss Alliecakes and her I-wake-at-the-drop-of-a-pin tendencies mixed with Josh's I-need-to-get-up-at-least-once-a-night-phase scares me. I like my sleep. I need my sleep. We'll see. Are either of your girls light sleepers?

  3. I love the pictures!!! Where did you get such a big pack n' play/play pen? That things is huge!

  4. Nicole G: as you probably saw on fb last night, I just finished it. He's so weird! But I think I like more than half of the poems, and many of them make me laugh. So I can forgive him for the creepy and confusing ones ;o)

    Nicole J: yeah, SJ is a pretty light sleeper. But they seem to be doing okay sharing sleep space. Would you be putting all four of yours in one room?

    Leah: I think the PNP is called a TotBlock? My Mom got it for her... it's a toddler sized one. But it's not the greatest for sleeping in cause there are no sheets to fit it, that I know of. We just improvise with regular sheets and big blankets :o) She'll be heading into a todder bed when we get back from the States.

  5. Yep. At least I *think* that's the plan. I go back and forth. Either all the girls in one room and Jenn and Josh in another. Or all 4 in one room. I want to do it (whatever I'm going to do) tomorrow night.

  6. I've had my girls sharing a room since July, and I don't know how you'd feel about this (it's definitely not Babywise), but I put Annabelle down first so she can have her own bedtime routine in peace, lol (I just let Maddie holler in the living room), and then I wait til Annabelle's asleep before I sneak Maddie in... and I put her down already asleep. I know, blasphemy. ;) She falls asleep on her own for naps, so I don't worry about messing her up. They take turns in their room for naptime right now, so that's a different story... But that arrangement for bedtime works best for us. How's it going? Do they fall asleep together? If so, I need your secrets!

  7. Yeah they both just fall asleep at the same time. But Lily is a sleep queen... nothing (not even a screaming sister) will stop her from going to bed. Once, Sam was having a bad night and cried on and off for an hour... when I went to check on her Lily was asleep :o) I don't know what my "secrets" are... Usually at bedtime I just get them both diapered, put Lily in bed while I nurse Sam, then read them both a chapter in a book. Usually Sam fusses for about 2.5 seconds till I get to the top of the stairs, then boom. I'm a lucky Momma!

  8. Ugh, jealous! I shouldn't have asked. ;)