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Monday, September 5, 2011

When in Rome: Make it Pretty

One thing you'll notice when you walk around German villages, towns, and cities is that things are a little crowded.  The houses are tightly packed together... meaning little to no yard most times. 

But the Germans don't let that get to them.  They do a really good job of making their spaces beautiful. 

I really like it.  It challenges me.  I've never really been into landscaping.  But maybe I'll try to imitate my German neighbors and seek to give my space that little extra touch of green flare.  There's just something about greenery and flowers that brightens my mood. 

Now, whether or not I can keep potted plants alive is another question altogether.  Stay tuned to see how the basil and parsley plants do.

But it doesn't all have to do with green stuff... the Germans just like to make things pretty!  Check these guys out!  Who says recycling and trash cans have to be boring?  Pssssht.  Not according to the Germans!

And here's a good example of being intentional with the space they have... see how crowded it is? 

But these guys didn't let it stop them from creating a nice little "backyard" oasis.  Peaceful.  Pretty. 

Moral of the story:  Be like the Germans and make your space nice.  Take care of your home, yard, dorm room, whatever.  Make it a place you want to be.  What makes your space beautiful to you?  Whether it's a potted plant or a decorated trash can... make it pretty!


  1. Soooooo niiiice!!! Definitely inspired to show my porch, windows, and flower beds some lovin'.

  2. these are truly lovely. especially took notice of the trash cans- do you know if these were painted on or applied a different way?

    i know that germany is an even 'prettier' place because of the presence of 4 particularly wonderful peeps ;)

  3. I'm not sure! Next time I walk down that way I'll go take a closer look ;o)