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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday Bear for Lily-Bear

After finishing up our Splash Lagoon adventure, Grandma and Grandpa Rawleigh (and Aunt Steph) took Lily to the Build-a-Bear Workshop at the mall in Erie.

She got to pick out her bear and watch her get stuffed...

...then pick out her heart and give her bear a "bear bath" ;o) 

She got to pick out her bear's clothes (went right for the bedazzled denim skirt and shoes!)

When time came to name the bear, everyone asked her and they went with a variation of whatever Lily "said" ;o)  

So meet "Lulu".

They've been buds ever since.

(Don't be deceived by the grouchy look... that's her default pre-nap face!)


  1. The photo of them walking in the mall has got to be the cutest picture I've ever seen! :) What a blessed little girl.

  2. That is interesting that she chose the name "Lulu." When Sanna was little, that is what she would name a lot of her things. I wonder if that is based on the same principle of how all babies say mama and dada. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard and its coincidence :P

  3. No I don't think you're thinking too hard! It's interesting that you bring it up because I was skeptical when they said she "said it"... but maybe I'm a believer ;o)

    And Nicole, I agree about that picture. I wish it wasn't blurry, but that kid moves so. stinkin. fast!