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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Cousins, Together At Last

This was the best from our cousin photo shoot today... we don't seem to have great luck with these.  But that's okay :o)  It's still fun to try.  And to see how they grow between visits! 

We've had so much fun the past three days.  Tomorrow we leave Uncle Mike behind and drag Cassie and Zave up to visit Grandma Rawleigh and Co. in Corning.  (Note: Zave is technically related to the Aiduk side, but they're considered family by my family because Cass lived with us before Jesse and I got married... make sense?  Good.)

Cousin Zave has the coolest toys... things that a Momma of two girls would never think to have around (mental note for future toy-purchases!). 

Speaking of the Momma of two girls... she should go to bed now.  Since the past two nights her girls have been up for multiple hours in the eeeeeearly morning.  Zzzzz ;o)

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  1. aww Looks like you girls are having fun! I have been waiting for this update! I am so glad you girls are safe and not only that but HAPPY! miss those faces already.