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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Count Your Chicken Eggs Before They Make it to the Fridge

Once upon a time, Pa decided to introduce the kiddos to the chickens... up close and personal!

"Hi chickens!"

What do you think Sam?  Interesting?  Yeah, that's what I think, too...

...except for at this point... 
This is where I told Toni in a panicked voice, "Uh, I'm not really a chicken person!" as they were escaping through the open coop door and I was running for my life with camera in hand ;o) 

Don't worry, she rescued me :o)

She was being so so so careful with those two precious eggs...

...till she popped her thumb through one. 

Poor thing ;o)


  1. awww . . . poor Lily! so sad to break the egg!

  2. I use to collect them with great uncle frank and always dropped them in the driveway. I still remember the disappointment.

  3. She cried for quite a few minutes over that poor sucker.