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Friday, October 28, 2011

Off We Go... We Hope

Well I'm enjoying the quiet of an apartment full of happily napping cousins.  I might take a quick nap and then visit with Cassie before the kiddos are up...

Cause then it's off to finish packing up the car and head off for our next Space-A adventure!

I'm praying for the flight that leaves earlier this evening, but there's also one later tonight and then a few options for tomorrow.  So rest assured, Jessica, you will get home this weekend.  At some point.

But the hardest part about Space-A for me (a die-hard control-freak) is that I can't control much.  I just show up, sign in, and see what happens!  It kills me to not know for sure if I'm actually going to be headed home tonight!

So I guess I should also thank God for the opportunity to grow in being patient and flexible, eh? ;o) 


  1. well, the apple didn't fall far from this tree in the control-freak category! I love you a BUNCH!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you didn't get out.
    from another control-freak to another- you are right - it is an opp to see God at work and it's evident He is because you even thought about growing in patience and flexibility. (umm, think that's poorly worded but hope it makes sense). Anyway, He doesn't just strip away our control over situations, but provides in them a chance to trust His control more. hang in there. love you and praying for the best flight.