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Friday, October 14, 2011

Shift Your Buns

"Hey, look!  Gramma put me on the chair!"

"Um, Sam.  This is my chair.  Get out!"

"Well possession is nine-tenths of the law Big Sis."

"Oh is that so? Well in that case, Sammy-sassy-pants, how do you like THIS?"

"That's what I thought."

The good thing about Samantha is that she's pretty go-with-the-flow about her Big Sis stealing things from her.  It's a really good thing actually, cause I think she's in for a lot of said thievery. 


  1. ps- the picture of both of them in the rocking chair is *actually* LJ getting OUT of the seat b/c Grampa tried to put both of them in it together but Princess Lillian was NOT interested in sharing, she was saying Sam was *DONE*

  2. Okay so maybe I took some *creative liberty* with my captions ;o)

  3. lol way to ruin the story Linda. haha jk. I liked your creativity for the non-speaking Jess.