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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Baby is TWO

Everyone says to brace yourself for how fast time whizzes by once your baby is born.  So it's not like I wasn't warned!  I just have to say I am still shocked that today Lillian Jayce is two.  

That went by so fast it's scary!

It's so fun to look back and see how much she's changed in two years.  If I had more time I'd go through and post some pictures of her at each stage... but I can hear her running around upstairs (we're trying out her new toddler bed, so it's clear that naptime is over and playtime has begun!) so I should move this along.

Confession:  we're not doing a blessed thing to celebrate her birthday today :o)  The executive decision was that if Momma hasn't even put the clothes away from our trip, she's certainly not up for baking a cake and doing all the fun stuff that must be done to celebrate TWO right.

So Lily's gifts will be wrapped and her cake pops will be made... but probably next week ;o)  Shhh don't tell her.

Good grief I love you Lily-bear!  Happy birthday to my sweet girl!


  1. Happy birthday number two Lily-Bear Jayce Aiduk!
    Love you so much.

    good job mom and dad, she is a blessed little girl to have been gifted to the two of you. my prayer is that you will so enjoy being together in this relationship with Lily and that you will richly and fully enjoy the Father together.

    Love you all so much

  2. I didn't know her middle name is Jayce. I love that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL

  3. Happy Birthday, Silly Lily - - give Lulu birthday kisses for me!

  4. Jen: Yeah, Lillian means pure and Jayce means strong :o)

    Moms: I love you both. Thanks for making Lily's pre-birthday(s) so special. She is one lucky girl to have such great Grammas!

  5. Give her a big hug and Happy B-day from Grampa. Love that little girl a bunch!!!!