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Friday, November 25, 2011

Top Seven for "Friendsgiving"

#1.  My pie.  I don't really love pumpkin pie.  And last year's pecan pie was a bit too sweet.  But this was a good compromise.  I'm torn about leaving the pecans whole (which I find pretty) or chopping them up (which makes it easier to cut it pretty).  All in all, a delicious Thanksgiving pie.

#2.  Jen's turkey-veggie-tray.  I just "gobble-gobbled" it right up ;o)  And I think I'm going to make it a Thanksgiving tradition for the rest of my life.  Because after all the sugar we consume... we must have veggies.  And it's so cute it just begs "eat me. now." 

#3.  The turkey.  I can't believe how good it was!  I used this recipe and I nearly peed my pants a few times... but all was well!  I barely fit all 19.6 lbs of it in our tiny German oven... but thankfully I was smart and bought a foil roasting pan so I could bend it, yes BEND IT, to fit in.  Also, I just finished straining the stock and picking through the carcass and I got over 6 quarts of stock plus enough extra meat for two batches of soup.  Turkey and rice soup anyone?

#4.  The crew.  14 adults and 5 kids.  Unless someone was in the bathroom for this picture.  Four of the friends pictured were new to me friends.  One was Amber's Mom who is visiting all the way from Florida.  A few are single guys from the squadron.  Two of those lovely ladies have deployed husbands right now.  One handsome man in the back is the father of my children and the Love of my life.

I'm so thankful we were able to host.  It was a blast!  I'll never forget the feeling in my heart when people were packing up leftovers to head home.  One of the gals thanked us because she was feeling depressed thinking about the upcoming holiday until one of her friends invited her.  And one of the guys said all he ever eats is microwave food in the dorm and I almost felt the urge to give him every last bit of leftover turkey... almost ;o) 

Everyone left with a smile on their face.  Which is hard (or at least, it is for me) when you're celebrating a family holiday miles and miles away from family... knowing they're all together and you're on the other side of the world... but we did it.  And we had fun.  Go-go "military family!"

#5.  The history.  Everyone humored me by filling out my two little posters I made... one was "What are you Thankful for?" and one was "What's your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?"  The best that jumped out to me:  "Being in Germany and having great military friends to help me not miss my family so much" and "The year my little brother decided to quit doing drugs."  Gathering together is so important.  Being thankful for what we have... especially family.  I love it!  God is so good.

#6.  The little things.  Like learning a new card game... watching the Macy's parade and football... seeing the look on Lilo's face when I brought her a plate of food for dinner... hearing the kids laugh and play while building block towers together... watching Lily stuff her face with pretzels and then refuse to eat turkey, but bum pie off of three different people later in the day...

#7.  The ending.  What a great sky!  Full bellies, a full fridge, and full hearts. 

If you aren't on facebook here's my link to the rest of our Turkey Day fun. 


  1. I love it :) and that last picture is frame worthy!

  2. I love love love this post - - I hate that you weren't anywhere near 'home for the holiday' - - but I love that you were willing to make the best of it and create a new memory with your friends! The Rawleigh side of your family sure did miss you, but I'm seriously SO GLAD it was a good day for you!

  3. Photo credit should probably go to Jesse on that sunset because, although I took it, he pointed out the sky to me ;o) I was too busy drinking cider and trying to shut the rolladins so the sun wasn't in my eyes lol

    Mom I missed you guys so much! But you're right... it was a good day!