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Monday, December 12, 2011

Is it Picnic Season Yet?

Jen got me my basket for Christmas!!!  I'm so ready to start carting it around with me wherever I go ;o)  Maybe I'll start using it as my diaper bag/purse haha!  I love the color and I've already told you that I've been drooling over these babies ever since I got here and learned they were all the rage.  Fantastic gift Jen, thanks so much!

So now I get to kick it truly German-style with my collapsible, cloth, NEON GREEN basket!

(Side note: when I opened it, Jesse let out a sigh.  Apparently it was on the list of things he was going to get me for Christmas ;o)  Poor guy... this always happens to him!)


  1. Oh! I want one!! I love it! The color is fantastic. Come picnic season I want a post about y'all going on a picnic with that basket. :D

  2. Jen - too cool! (we did the same thing to Jesse last year when we did our Christmas shopping) the color is really fun! but wait - are they just for picnics? I had the impression they were for shopping and other outings - European style!

  3. Maryah - to be sure! Just looking at it makes me excited for Spring (but that's probably the AMAZING color!)

    And yes, Mom, you're totally right. It's a "basket for all occasions" and I'm sure I'll be using it for much more than picnics ;o) Oh and as soon as I opened it Jesse and I laughed and told Jen the vest story from last year. Seriously, poor guy! Now he's trying to come up with one last "good gift"