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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Playing in Some Rare Afternoon Sunshine

I love these girls so much.  Sometimes I just think to myself how lucky I am to have the job of raising them.  They are such a blessing!  My heart just melts when I look at them... that is... unless Lily's whining and I want to drop kick her across the floor... or Sam's crying because she doesn't like how long it's taking me to prep dinner.  Yeah.  Life has ups and downs.

But mostly UPS.

Also please note: this entire "fun playtime" is completely staged.  I couldn't get them to sit still in the glorious sunlight unless I gave them something novel to play with (don't worry MIL, the conversation cards are unharmed!).  And also, Lily rarely kisses/hugs Sam unless prompted.  Just so you don't think she's a sweet little angel big sister.  No, her preferred interaction with Sam is to steal whatever toy her sissy happens to be playing with.  But it's still adorable to see them hug and smooch.  And laugh. 

Another note: Lily's new leg warmers!  They were given to us... aren't they CUUUUUUTE?


  1. Love the legwarmers! Then again, I love everything about the pictures.

  2. not worried about the cards- looks like they were put to good use! these grandgirlsies make the sunshine even better ;) way cool legwarmers and the smooches and hugs look totally natural...

  3. The legwarmers are soooo adorable!!

  4. SUN!!!! Yay! (love the pics and the girlses!)

  5. BAHAHAHA!! I TOTALLY understand the drop-kick urge upon insult of constant whining. It's SO hard when both girls get going. Whew...so frustrating. Enjoy the silence that only one talking child yields! I love the pictures!! So cute!!

  6. Oooooh man I didn't even think about what life will be like when they're both whining. Blah. But actually, Sam is already pretty whiny so I guess she's prepping me for later ;o)