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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Picture Project: Cape Cod

Disclaimer before my in-laws give me the stink eye (which they never would, so don't give me the stink eye about saying you'd give me the stink eye MIL!): 

I know that Wareham, where the Aiduks have lived all of Jesse's life, is not actually "Cape Cod".  I just like to say Cape Cod because people immediately understand which area of Massachusetts he grew up.  Compare that with how it can take up to ten minutes to explain where in New York I'm from. 

So yes, I know I'm going to be using the term "Cape Cod" to refer to Wareham (which is one of the last cities before you actually cross a bridge onto the Cape), various towns near Wareham that have happy memories for me, Boston (which is no where near Cape Cod... well, like an hour, but still), and pretty much the whole state of Massachusetts.  Because anywhere I go with the family in Mass in generally cataloged as "the Cape" in my mind.

Whew.  I'm done.  Shall we continue? ;o) 

My first trip to Cape Cod with Jesse before we were engaged.  I believe this is where the canal hits the open ocean, but I forgot the name of the beach.  Anyways, J really liked this picture and he made it B&W to prove it!

The beach where my man proposed!  I still remember every detail of that morning.  Well almost every detail.  Jesse still claims I "ripped the ring" out of his hand to jam it on my finger.  And that can't possibly be true because it doesn't sound very ladylike or patient of me.  (Two things I excel at.  Not.)  But seriously he really did walk me out on these rocks and get down on one knee.  It was perfect!

Here we are on the same beach, after we'd been married for a bit... maybe the following Spring?

 Our first Red Sox game!  So cool to go together and stand on the Green Monster!

I love this picture.  It captures a perfect "Grandma moment".  I love the lighting (the kitchen is always SO SUNNY!).  I love the squishy babies on her lap.  I love that Wally (Lily's souvenir from our Red Sox game) made it in the picture.  Love it all, basically.

I can't believe Sam was this small last year.  Sink baths are definitely a thing of the past for my little Smiley-Face.

I have taken many a walk around the Aiduk's neighborhood.  Many many many.  It's perfect because it's kind of a closed neighborhood so there's not much traffic.  And the outer loop is almost a mile... like their very own track or something! ;o)  I have memories of walking alone, dragging a reluctant Jesse (he still doesn't really like walks), walking pregnant the summer before Lily was born, walking with moby wraps and strollers, going for an occasional run.  And now walking with both babies.  Oh, and usually a relative (or two or three) is involved.  Good times!

The original Aiduk family (including Toni, who took this picture.)  Miss you guys!  Remember the first weekend I came to your house to visit?  Glad we're over that awkward stage! ;o)  Love you!

Front porch swing.  Complete with giggly girl cousins and a skeptical boy cousin.

I love that my kids get to learn about where chicken eggs come from.  And what happens when you punch your over-excited thumb into a fresh egg!  (Lily really likes to "help" Pa gather eggs.)

It's always sunny on the Cape.  Okay I know it's not always sunny but it sure feels like it.  I love the sunshine there... it just warms up the whole house and makes mornings in the kitchen with a cup of coffee so delightful.  And afternoons in the front yard playing football :o)

And what is Cape Cod without happy beach memories?  I have LOTS of happy beach memories.  Walking on the beach after Thanksgiving dinner... tanning... wading... taking pictures... explaining to my sister that "that accent" she was hearing was the classic, real live "Boston" talk... taking one-month-old Lily to the beach all bundled up... letting Sam eat sand.  Ah, Cape Cod!

I'm kind of wishing I could be on the beach right now... except for maybe a slightly more southern beach ;o) 


  1. thanks for posting all of my favorite pictures! ;)

    big girls little girls happy couples pretty water smiles eggy fingers sand sun leaves green big boys little boy eggs footballs shovels boots hats and shorts...all in pics with my favorite peeples!

    i'm so glad youre doing the happiness project pictures! thanks DIL. love you x0x0x0x0x0

    1. You're welcome! It's really fun so far!