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Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing Gigi

Flashback time.  Here's baby Lily.  When she was born I wanted Mom to pick out her "Grandma name"... but she insisted that she would patiently wait for Lily to choose it. 

Psssht I said.  That's dumb.  (I'm a control freak and I'm really impatient.)

Also, I didn't think that Lily would *actually* pick a name for her.  And I didn't want to get stuck saying "Grandma Rawleigh" for the rest of my life.  That's a mouthful ;o)

But Mom insisted that Lily needed time to figure it out on her own.  So they got to know each other a bit...

And then... it happened.  Lily was looking at this picture of her and Grandma in the water.  We were talking about it (I was trying to explain to her that the baby was not Sissy... she thinks all babies are Sissy) and all the sudden she says "Gigi Wa".  

I was skeptical that I had heard her right, so I said, who's that?  And sure enough... she said Gigi loud and clear.  Over and over! 

And we're going on about a month now of her consistently calling my Mom "Gigi" (pronounced with the hard G sound by the way... not like gee-whiz).  And so by default I guess my Dad is "Gpa" (though Lily bounces back and forth in her pronunciation of Grandpa's G).

So all four grandparents are officially named now!  Cousin Zave already dubbed Toni and Mark "Gram" and "Pa".  So now we're in business ;o)

I have to admit... it was worth the wait for each of them to have a "given name". 


  1. Replies
    1. I was wondering if any camp friends would notice that picture :o)

  2. Gigi LOVES her gramma name - - and being Lily's gramma - and being Sam's gramma, too! Gigi wishes she could hug those girlses more often, too!

  3. I was wondering where the photo was taken!

    and its pretty special to get a name! yay for Gigi :)

    1. Yeah it's in the staff lounge at camp... the summer J was at basic training and we went to visit a few times.