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Friday, February 17, 2012

My Happy Picture Project

I just finished reading the book The Happiness Project and on top of feeling really inspired, laughing a lot, and getting a ton of ideas on how to adjust my life, I came up with an idea for the blog.  And for me.  Mostly for me.

Gretchen said in her research on being happier, she found that "Remembering happy times gives a big boost to happiness, and looking at photographs of happy times helps make those memories more vivid."  So I wanted to tap into that type of picture-happiness a bit.  And I have a perfect way of doing it - this blog!

I'm going to do a series I'm calling my Happy Picture Project, in which I'll be digging back through my albums for collections of some pictures of really happy memories.  I'm going to categorize them, cause I'm a nerd like that.  But I came up with ten categories... that way I get to look back and smile at all the pictures and the happy memories they represent.  This is mostly for me... a "happiness exercise" if you will.  But I thought some of you would also enjoy it.

Okay, here goes number one.  Corning.  My dear sweet little city in upstate New York.  Here are some happy memories... in no particular order (cause I'm feeling lazy and don't want to organize them logically!)

I got married in Corning.  A pretty big deal ;o)  

My #2 fave coffee shop: Heavenly Cup.  Fitting US flag backdrop here... cause at the time of this picture Jesse had just graduated from tech school and we were on our way to our first duty station in the USAF!

This, my friends, is a real snow.  Corning knows how it's done!

First Easter Family Photo Shoot.  My Brother tried and tried to get one of us all looking... but I actually like this one the best.  Because Jesse and I are laughing... and cause Lily was not cooperating.  That basically sums up the photo shoot!

Lily's first "play in the grass" at our South Corning apartment.  Gosh I loved that apartment.

My favorite window seat at my favorite Corning coffee shop: Soul Full Cup.  They didn't used to have comfy chairs there... what a great upgrade!

Lily wasn't *technically* born in Corning... but we brought her from Montour Falls to Corning.  So I say it counts.  And it's my Happy Picture Project, so what I say goes ;o) 

Best ice cream store.  Ever.  (It's on the same road as my parent's... Beartown Road rocks for many reasons!) 

The clock tower in Centerway Square on Market Street.  I love love love Market Street. 

There's nothing more special about your hometown than your HOME.  And I love the memories I have of sitting in my parent's back yard just enjoying the peace and quiet of Painted Post (I know, confusing... but it counts as Corning, okay?). 

I love you Corning!  And I miss you!  And all the people and places that make you special to me!


  1. I love alll those photos! And what a great idea! My especial favorite is the first one of you on your wedding day. :D

  2. wow Jess, viewing these photos truly was an emotional ride-
    you have piqued my interest in the Happiness Project book for sure.
    Agreeing with Maryah- you are radiant in the wedding photo.

  3. In the immortal words of Dorothy (From Kanas and OZ)
    "There's no place like home"

  4. fun fact: today's German word for the day is glucklich (happy)- except I can't put those cool little dots over the u where they belong!

    silly comments on pictures:
    1) That picture of you on your wedding day has always been my absolute favorite!
    2) Love seeing Sammy in Lily's shirt from a year ago! :o)
    3) I only WISH that Corning knew how to do snow like that this year!
    4&5) *tears* (can't believe how fast that girl has grown!
    6) It's funny how seldom I go to either of those coffee shops when you are not in Corning! (that pic was the last time I was at Soulful)
    7) She was born when you lived in Corning so it definitely counts!
    8) yum - and true 'dat! (too bad they are closed right now!)
    9) Market St. is cool
    10) love love love that picture!

  5. I LOVE this!!! What a great idea! This post had me grinning from ear to ear, and I didn't even share any of your Corning memories, but the happiness is contagious! :)

    1. Well if this makes you smile just wait till my Mississippi one!