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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Little Gangsta and Our Weekend Plans

Anytime she wears a sweatshirt or fleece with a hood and pockets she asks for her "hat" (hood) and sticks her hands in her "pocks" (pockets).  She's too cool for her own good ;o)  And this is what she does now when I ask her to smile for the camera...

... guess she told me, huh? ;o)

Anyways, last night with Jesse before he goes to Belgium for a weekend beer festival with some of the guys from the squadron.  One of his new friends swears that Belgium beer is better than German... so J's gonna go see for himself! 

The girls and I will be relaxing at home and catching up with Jen.  She gets home from Texas tomorrow... so I'm bribing her with food to come over and help me stay up to watch the Superbowl.   She didn't need much convincing, though... we have a lot of catching up to do! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yay - Jen's coming back!!! I'm glad she had Christmas with her family, but I'm glad she'll be back 'cause she's a good friend! :)

    The turn-away-from-the-camera thing actually fits in with the whole 'gangsta' image . . . uummm, bad idea, I think!

  2. wait . . . are you saying that Jesse will be in Belgium for the Superbowl?!?! Will he be able to watch the game there? What will the Pats do if they don't have Jesse watching?!?! say it isn't so!

    ps - I love the chubby cheeks of the gangsta in that first picture!!!

  3. i'm with you Linder, those chubby cheeks are soooo kissable :)
    just looking at these again this morning and thinking- does daddy where his hoodie almost always in the house? with his hands in his pockets? and (this might be a stretch ;) does he EVER turn away from the camera?
    hope you have a wonderful time with Jen. looking forward to meeting some of your friends.

  4. Yeah Jesse isn't going to get to watch the superbowl... unless they manage to find a bar or restaurant that is playing it (not *that* likely). So I'm staying up to text him the scores ;o) And I'd just like to point out that the Pats have done fine this season with us being able to watch very few games... AND last time the Pats were in the Bowl they lost... so maybe it'll be good luck for J to NOT watch!