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Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Weekend Recap

Probably the most important thing that we did this weekend was discover that Sam (who is currently in a bit of a clingy stage) will sit for one and a half episodes of Clifford as long as someone is sitting next to her!  I felt comfortable leaving her on the couch since she was all tucked in and it was pulled out as a bed.  And it bought me 17.5 minutes (or so) of peace and quiet to get a few chores done before we were off for the day!  NICE!  Thanks for the "Foof foof moo" (Clifford movie) Gram! 

We had one of those weekends that was a good balance of busy fun and lazy fun.  The girls and I let Daddy sleep in on Saturday... we met up with Jacki and Amber at the play place in the BX.  The equipment is still a little too big for mine to play, but they didn't seem to mind.  They mostly crawled around on the floor or (in Sam's case) sat on my lap while I visited with my friends. 

We had dinner with Amber and Kyle at their place.  Last time we'll be eating at their house before they PCS to Florida!  I'm definitely going to be sick of goodbyes after they leave... Laura left last week and they're leaving next week.  Too much leaving in such a short time!  But we had a blast at dinner... especially playing Guesstures (Ladies WON!). 

Church was nice.  I'm in the process of getting on the schedule to help in the nurseries soon.  It's been so long since I was regularly serving in church... I'm ready to get my hands dirty again! 

Then Jesse declared the rest of Sunday a lazy day so we lounged around, watched LOST, ate döner, and watched more LOST.  Oh, and he lit what might be one of the last fires of the winter!  We've switched from winter jackets to Spring vests... the girls don't even really need hats most days :o)  And we're getting more and more sunshine!  Bring it on!!!


  1. What a nice weekend! Sorry you have to say goodbye again! :( We just found out that our best friends here are moving to England in May. :(

    I'm a little jealous of you right now...we are expecting a 6-10 inch snow storm tonight. It's still only February and I am itching for some Spring! Haha, me and SM went for a walk a couple days ago...even though it was in the teens...I just had to get OUT!

    1. Wow! That's a crazy amount of snow! I know I shouldn't be jealous of you but I kind of am! If we go straight to Spring from here, that will make two winters in a row that I didn't really get to enjoy any big snow storms! The New Yorker in me misses it!

    2. And wow, May? That's so sudden! Sorry that you have to say goodbye, too. When are we going to get used to this? ;o)