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Friday, March 16, 2012

Afternoon Visit with Oma

It's feeling like Spring!  I'm really enjoying the Ergo... it's a great little outing for Lily to go for big girl walks "all by herself".  So often on sunny afternoons now I'll strap Sam in and Lily and I go exploring.  We still stick pretty close to home... but she get's a kick out of it and we all get a little vitamin D ;o)

Oh, side note.  Lily learned the difference between a pine cone and dog poop the other day while on a walk.  I thought it was an important life lesson to learn, as she is apt to pick up the one and I don't want her picking up the other!

After our brief walk yesterday afternoon I decided we should stop by and see if Lilo was around.  I haven't seen much of her lately... she had mentioned to us that her health isn't that great.  So I thought a visit from the littles might cheer her up.

We were there for over an hour!  I don't know why I'm surprised!

She gave us drinks and chocolate and we played with toys and climbed on her couch and spilled apple juice on her carpet and both girls even took turns sitting on her lap.  But I think the part that made her day the most was when Lily called her "Oma" for the first time! :o)  I'd been coaching her for awhile, but she said DEE YOU OMA (with some prompting) for the chocolates!  It was adorable! 

Oma's having eye surgery in early April.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers cause she's experiencing headaches and neck pain from the strain on her eyes.  And she's 85 years old and all.  We'll definitely be stopping down to visit her more often.

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