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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinterest Party and Rock Project

Last weekend Jen had a Pinterest Party.  If you love Pinterest, you should add "host a Pinterest Party" to your to-do list ;o)  It was super fun!  The whole point is to get some friends together to actually DO one of those great projects you've seen floating around. 

So I turned those rocks the girls "washed" into garden labels!

Jen's friend Amber made this adorable "diaper cake" for her friend's baby shower coming up.  They were picking on me that I had never heard of this before.  Apparently I lived under a baby shower rock in NY ;o)  But I have definitely filed it away for the future.  She even stashed a few bottles in the middle!  

Jen spent the night making these adorable cloth flowers that she's going to hot glue to a flower pot... for use as a photo prop when doing newborn pictures.  Baby in a flower-y flower pot!  SO CUTE!

It was a delightful ladies' craft night.  Full of productivity, relaxing music, yummy snacks, and laughing with friends.  I wish I had time for a Pinterest Party every week!

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  1. lol I haven't touched my little flowers since that night. I need to prob plan another pinterest party to finish it. ha