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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Week Fun

Oh man you guys.  I'm so armed and dangerous with ideas of how to celebrate Easter right.  Pinterest is just amazing!  It's hard to choose what fun things to do!

For breakfast today we had this fun Easter Egg Bread that Nicole shared (hi Nicole!).  I used my no-knead bread dough (rye) and didn't color the eggs this time... but I think I might do colored ones later in the week.  Maybe for Good Friday.  It's so cool cause you  just put the eggs right into the oven (uncooked) with the bread and you get fresh baked bread and eggs for breakfast!  Lily called it EGGY BREAD ;o)

Next we made EGGY SHAKES... Easter Egg Maracas!  We used the leftover plastic eggs from the Christmas Kinder Eggs and I let them put the dry beans in.  Sam only tried to sneak two in her mouth.  Then I topped them off with rice and super glued them shut cause I don't trust those two.

This is what happened when she realized that I glued it shut.

"Geez Lily you can be such a drama-queen sometimes!"

"Shakeshakeshake, shakeshakeshake, shake your eggy, shake your eggy!"

Then we made our Easter Tree.  I cut a variety of branches from the yard and Lily helped me hang these cute little plastic eggs we found at Wasgau.  The Germans like to hang plastic eggs from their trees outside.

The perfectionist in me had to adjust her "six eggs to one branch" creation here ;o)

THEN I finished our Easter mobile that we started the other day.  (No I'm not superMom... I just know that today's one of the only days this week we have nothing going on so I filled it with crafts and fun.  The rest of the week will probably not see four Easter activities per day!)  

This idea is my ghetto/cheap version of the adorable one mentioned in this blog post of a baby shower.  When I say ghetto I mean it involved scotch tape and everything ;o)

But it still turned out to my liking.  I traced the shapes using our Easter cookie cutter set (thanks MIL!) and then had the girls color on them... which didn't turn out so well.  Jesse was laughing at me as I got more and more frazzled trying to get them to color on the shapes instead of play with the cutters.  Hehe oh well.  It was still a somewhat fun Mommy-Daughter memory :o)  I have more cutouts left so I might use the rest as window decals. 

Happy Easter week!


  1. wow - that is is ALOT of crafts for one day, the eggy bread looks yummy! I can't believe LJ melted down about the glued eggs! Did like the picture with SJ telling her she's a drama queen, though! Like the eggs on the branches and the mobile - - mostly I like seeing a post of those girlses!!! I miss them SOOOOOO MUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah it was a pretty packed morning. But relaxing at the same time, if you know what I mean. I think doing all those fun activities motivated me to be productive so I got a ton done during their nap and then when they woke up J and I took them on a walk around town. A good, good day :o)

  2. it's beginning to look a lot like Easter....
    and like a lot of fun!
    poor little miss meltdown Lilbear :(
    these littles are getting so big-

    1. I know, her tantrums can reach pretty epic proportions these days. Just warning you ;o) Love ya.