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Friday, May 4, 2012

Bye-bye Babies, Hello Vacay... TheJesses vs. Europe

So it's impossible to try to explain to your toddlers that you're leaving them for three weeks.  Also impossible to explain to your husband why it's so hard to leave them for so long ;o)  My tummy has been in knots all day... half the time excited and half the time nervous.

But mostly excited.  It's almost a little unreal to think about... that we're going to be seeing so many places that I only dreamed I'd ever get to see.  It's going to be an interesting next few days as we learn how to navigate the train system with our rail pass.  And then there's the fact that we haven't actually planned the trip out as solid as either of us would like ;o)  Oops... a little too much procrastination there.

So we just decided that we're off!  And we might have some funny "bump in the road" stories, but we're still going to be on vacation and it's still going to be a blast no matter what happens!  And as long as I get to see Venice I'll die happy :o)

Okay, so I'm off to go pack.  This probably begins my "vacation blog break".  So see you in a few weeks!  Pray for our safety and pray for our kids... and the grandparents' sanity hehe.


  1. I miss you already! alot!!!

  2. We are so excited for ya'll!!!! praying for a fantastic vacation for you both. BTW... I can't believe you bought me the book!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!!! i've been scouring it for days... and trying not to read too much as it's going to be my plane material when i head back to the states on tuesday. and the cards are SO fun! D opened them and said hey look their in a different language... as the J Q K A are all lettered differently. It was so kind of ya'll to think of us. Can't wait until the catch up/slide show get together at the end of June! Love You! (:

    1. The end of June can't come soon enough!