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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 4: Vienna

Next stop was Vienna and it was truly lovely.  First of all, it's a nice city.  Second of all, it was the first place we went that we had sunshine the whole time!  Oh, and the pork and dumplings we had for dinner the night we got in was probably one of our favorite meals!  Check out the album for all the pictures of everything we saw and did.

First we saw the Schönbrunn Palace.  Austrian royalty, man!  We learned lots of cool history about it on our audio tour but I was kind of getting lost with who was married to who and what time period such and such happened.  But I did remember that Marie Antionette, who was later beheaded during the French Revolution, was born here... her mother married her off to strengthen their ties with France.

Then we explored the palace gardens a bit where we saw real live citrus trees!

When you're standing on the palace's back porch (I know, it's definitely not called a porch Jessica!) you can look straight out over more gardens and see this building, called the Gloriette, on top of a hill.  It's a pretty impressive structure.  And we got to hike all the way up the hill and then climb the stairs all the way up to the top of the building for the view of the palace and city from above!  So cool!

All that hiking required some refreshment :o)

And then we went to the zoo!  It's right on the palace grounds... you should have seen us.  We were like two little kids, running around all excited.  You would have thought we'd never been to a zoo before ;o)  But what was so fun was that with our new high-tech zoom lens, we were able to get the best animal shots of our life!  So the photographers in us were super giddy about the zoo and subsequent pictures.

And that was Vienna for us.  Again, another whirlwind trip... just under 24 hours total in the city before we were off on our night train to Venice.  It was kind of wearing us out being in a different city each day so we were really looking forward to the two whole nights in Venice.  

Stay tuned for my favorite city tomorrow :o) 

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