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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Update

See Steph?  You were right about the beans!

And here's some baby zucchini.  Unfortunately you can see that a few slugs got in the do some damage before I could lay down a perimeter.  The organic slug pellets I ordered seem to work great but I'm out.  So I might have to go with a conventional-toxic-icky-but-easy-to-get killer. 

As you can see, I have baby carrots now.  But I'm waiting till they get bigger to start weeding... just want to be sure I know what to pull and what to leave ;o) 

Tomato sticks are in.  Tomato sticks?  Is that even a gardening phrase?  Probably not!


  1. Those "tomato sticks" are really sweet! I've only ever seen funnel type cage things used on tomato plants. Will the plants wrap around the stakes as they grow?

    1. I *think* so? At least, that's what they seem to do in all the other German's gardens :o) I'll keep you posted. Literally!

  2. I waited to weed with my carrots too! :) I second Leah on the awesomeness of those tomato sticks! We use the tomato cages here, but they are not cool looking in the least!