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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Staying? Going? Staying? Going. At the normal time.

It's official: our DEROS is back to April 2014.  The extension that we thought would give us an extra year here in Germany actually didn't go through :o(  Well, maybe it's a good thing, I don't know :o)

I'm sure the Grandmas will definitely not be complaining about this news.  

Basically, what happened is pretty typical of Air Force stuff: so-and-so said thus-and-such but then so-and-so changed their mind and oops we forgot about thus-and-such so no, you can't extend.  Oops.

What I guess happened is that they didn't approve any of the guys who have yet to complete their WIFTO course.  WIFTO (I can't tell you what it stands for because I don't know... in fact I'm not even sure that I have the correct letters in there ha!) is one last "weather training" that Jesse (and the rest of the guys) have to complete at the end of their first tour.

It's actually back at Keesler, which is kind of neat.  But it really stinks for us because it's a three month "TDY" which is basically a short deployment.  Which means technically the girls and I don't get to go with him.  I'm not really sure how it will work out practically speaking, because we don't know if it will be in the middle of our tour or at the end.

Either way, there might be an "Aiduk girls visit to the States" in the mix when he goes to that.

Speaking of the Aiduk girls going to the States, we get to come this summer!  The girls third international plane flight across the ocean is scheduled for August 1st!  

(Time out, do you count each flight - over and back - as a "plane flight"... or is it the round trip?  I'm going with round trip.  Anyways.)

What's really exciting about this is that it's a commercial flight!  No Space-A for us this time - we're riding in style!  My poor family was trying so hard to come see us this summer and it was just not working out for them timing-wise.  Two of them only had a week available.  And it's sooooo not worth it to fly across the ocean (at peak travel prices) for a week.  Too much to see in Germany for that short a time!

So my parents decided they'd rather pay for me to come see them this summer and then they'll all have more time next summer to see Germany.  (PS to my family, now you HAVE to come next summer since it's your last chance!)  So from August 1st to September 12th I'll be based in Corning, NY!  I'm really excited for that time period because I'll get to see my baby sis graduate as a camp counselor and I'll get to squeeze my squishy brand new baby niece who is expected to come during that time!

Other than that, it'll be oodles of time with the family enjoying a summer in NY... with some time enjoying summer in MA and PA.  Hurray for unexpected vacations!  


  1. sorry for you guys- i know you were pretty excited.

    1. Well yeah, but it's not too hard to see the good in it either. I wouldn't complain to be here an extra year but I also won't be complaining to get back to the US. I miss the States AND FAMILY there. XOXO

  2. I cannot wait to see you at camp! Provided something really weird happens, I'll be there for CILT grad too :)

    and yeah...the military changes its mind willy-nilly. Which is why I never told anyone anything until it was almost too late. But, kind of like losing your watch, it does tend to make you a bit more flexible in the long run!

    1. Agreed! I'm totally starting to not even care about these seemingly huge changes in plans! And I can't wait to see you... it'll be such a fun reunion!