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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Happenings...

I realize I'm being kind of bad about blogging while on my little Stateside Vacation here.  For those of you who keep checking my oddly silent blog, I thank you.

If you aren't on facebook, here are some pictures of the goings-on.  The Rawleigh family is in the middle of "Stay-cation" right now... so we're doing lots of fun day trips.

Driving up from Philly and work picnics.

Camp with Steph for CILT grad and camp just for fun to take pictures.

Water play, ice cream, and concerts.

My first hike up a NY mountain (more on this to come... definitely blog worthy)

Sorry there's not "something new from Jess" everyday like usual.  But rest assured, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time with family.  The blog can wait ;o)

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