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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When in Rome: Use What Fresh Air Ya Got!

Our "do as the Romans" tip of the day is to air out your bedding by hanging it half way out your open upstairs window!  And your tip of the day for the fall/winter is to open your windows for ten minutes a day.

The Germans are hardcore about fresh, clean air.  So not only do I get a chuckle when I see the random bits of bedding hanging out of people's windows, but I also laugh when I see windows wide open even in the middle of winter.  (Insert reminder that there are no screens on the windows here.)

It's standard practice in Germany to ventilate your entire house (or at least your main living areas...) for at least ten minutes a day.  No matter the weather!  And while I totally agree that it's nice to get a gust of fresh air into the girls' room after a night of their stinky diaper smell... it's just so so so hard for me to open all the windows in the winter.

First of all, it's obviously COLD outside.  Second of all, we're so cheap  frugal that you can hardly say we keep our house warm, so the idea of letting what little heat we just paid for flutter out the open window is hard for me to swallow.  But the Germans swear that it keeps you healthier to ventilate your home in the cold months.  So maybe this winter I'll give it a try and see if we get sick less!  Apparently all it takes is ten minutes a day... just turn your heat off and maybe do some jumping jacks while you wait!

Also, you know I love you when I drive by this house on my way to Kirsten's and fight an inner battle over whether or not to turn around to get you a picture of the bedding in the window!  You're welcome, Stateside readers!  Now you can die happy knowing you've basically seen all there is to see about Germany!


  1. Thanks for providing us with that picture! You're such a dedicated blogger! :) It's supposed to get up to the upper 70's this week, so we should definitely get some fresh air rolling in!

    1. You are most certainly welcome. Enjoy your nice weather... we're in the middle of monsoon season here ;o) Cold and wet.

  2. I think our house has enough holes in it already that 1)I can't afford to turn the thermostat past 58, and 2) we don't need to be opening windows in the dead of winter!

    that said, I do make it a priority for each of us to be outside at least 10 minutes a day, so maybe that counts??

    pics like this are what you'll remember about your stay in Germany. seemingly mundane, but truly the fabric of life (ha).