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Friday, October 5, 2012

History of a Jogging Stroller

We were out getting some exercise the other day and I stopped taking a picture of a flower to look down at my girls... WHO ARE HUGE!  How did this happen?  What is going on?  How do I make it stop?

And then instead of getting all sentimental about my babies becoming toddlers I decided to contemplate how much I love our Baby Trend double jogging stroller .

Here they are in Mississippi for our stroller's maiden voyage.  Sam is about two months old so Lily's 15 months.  Please note the way they're dressed in February.  I kind of miss the Gulf Coast!

We got the jogging stroller because... well, there's no nice way to say this... I felt fat.  Those pregnancy pounds were not coming off as easy after baby #2 so I decided Momma needed to get more serious about this whole exercise thing.

Plus, I wanted to feel strong again.  I hadn't run since high school and though I don't love running I love the feeling of accomplishment after a run.  I think I have my Dad to thank for this love-hate relationship with running.  

Having your kids back to back is super awesome in some ways and super overwhelming in others... running is a small reminder for me that I can do this.  

But yeah, it was time to run again.  And I actually enjoyed it!  (And still do)  Especially with these two Monkeys as my jogging buddies.  Because let's be real people OF COURSE I'm not really RUNNING.  Jogging might even be a generous word.

But the jogging stroller is good for other things besides exercise.  I have found that it's my favorite stroller for maneuvering in tight spaces and for walking in my German neighborhood.  It turns a lot more easily than our other stroller (the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller , which has served me very well in airports and in car trunks that I also have to fit a suitcase... it's much more compact) and it has those super cool all-terrain wheels that make curb-jumping much easier.  German side walks are not usually wide enough for a double stroller.  What's up with that?

This picture is from Mississippi... the last day we were there!  We attended Jesse's tech school graduation, packed up our hotel room, and started the 22 hour car ride from hell.  (Mississippi to NY.  Never again!)

First outing with the stroller in Germany!  I like that they're dressed almost as warm for April in Germany as for February in MS.

Here they are last summer for a walk in our village.  I love the smiles.  They were laughing cause Lily kept putting her hand in Sam's mouth to bite.  Think "Charlie bit me" and you've got the idea.  The jogging stroller is so fun for them because they get to play together while I exercise.  They hold hands, play footsie, and fight like sisters do play nicely like angels.  But seriously nothing is more motivating than looking down during a run to see my girls holding hands and singing together.  

I think this is September of last year!  It was a trip to the Farmer's Market and it was already cold enough for coats in the mornings!  I'm thankful that things are a little warmer this fall... I'm sure we'll be needing the winter coats soon enough.  But for now, we can go for walks (on the days it's not raining cats and dogs!) with just sweaters and be perfectly happy.

The manufacturer says I can use this sucker for up to 50lbs in each seat!  So I will probably be able to use it till my kids are 10 years old!  Just kidding... maybe.  They are lightweights, after all.

I can't believe my babies are so big waaaaaa!  I can't believe I've had this jogging stroller for almost two years.  Isn't it great? ;o)


  1. I cannot believe how big Sam is...she's growing like a weed.

    1. Isn't it scary? She isn't a baby anymore! Do you recognize the farmer's market picture? I think you were taking it... and that was the day we first tasted those amazing burgers!

  2. I'm excited for how much more HAIR Sammy has - nothing like a walk down memory lane to see how BALD your babies were!!! :o)

    You didn't mention it, but Lily has on your favorite shoes [THE RED CHUCKS - thanks Aunt Rocky!] in the picture from last September - - and Sam has them on in the most recent picture! awww - - cute!

    1. I know... so bald. So so bald. And I love those chucks so much. I'm tempted to buy a pair for Lily but it's going to get might cold and rainy and *hopefully* snowy around these parts... so I guess it's more practical to stick to boots for the winter. Maybe in the Spring!

  3. I think your links are broken for both strollers? Or maybe it's just my computer. Anyway - I wish I had gotten a good double stroller. I tried one passed down to me when Mad was born that I'm pretty sure was made in pioneer days lol and it was not even worth the zero bucks it was so heavy and impossible to maneuver. I would totally get this now if I thought Ab might agree to stay in it. All this to say - you might wanna check your links. lol love ya!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I just tried to fix them and they still don't work, plus I realized that other links I've been trying to make aren't working either. Time to call in my "tech support" ;o)