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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Now Have a Three-Year-Old

Happy third birthday to Miss Lillian Jayce!  I guess I have to stop saying I have "two toddlers" now.  She's not really a toddler any more, eh?

But she used to be THIS big!  *insert lots of Momma-reminiscing*  I know, I know, everyone warned me.  Everyone says it all the time: THEY GROW SO FAST.  But you don't realize how true it is until it's happening to you and your own kids. Man, they grow so fast!

I thought about doing a super cute video interview with her but then I thought it would probably end in one or both of us in tears.  So I figured I could just write it out for ya, since I know the answers and all. This way is better.  Maybe next year we'll be able to handle something like that without a meltdown ;o)  but for now...

Favorite books:  "Seahorsey Book" and "CatHat Book"  We read them daily.  Sometimes (as all parents know) we read them multiple times every hour.  And I feel like it's karma for all the times I made my parents memorize my favorite children's books.  Ah, the circle of life!

Favorite color:  Blue.  Which I find very ironic.  I mean, it's not like I push frills and pink (though that's mostly what I dress them in) but I am certainly girly.  And I spend the most time with them.  It's not like I want pink or purple to be her favorite color, it's just makes me laugh that she latched onto blue so hardcore.  Jesse feels that this is one of his parenting triumphs... to have a daughter who favors blue with a passion.

Favorite toy:  Dolly and her stroller.  (They like to exercise together... and go to the grocery store.)  And also her dinosaurs and cars (more Daddy-triumphs), her books, and her recently acquired Thing 1 "hat".

Favorite activity:  Besides reading books with Momma, it's "where we gon go Mom?"  The kid loves to DO STUFF. Playdates with friends, Dino Park, Fishy Park, playground, church, and yes, even grocery shopping.  She almost always asks what we're going to do today when I walk in the bedroom door first thing in the morning.  Right after she tells me she peed in her bed.

Favorite songs:  "Happy Birfday", "Bear Song" (the three bears song from camp), and the "Light Song"  (Which is actually not a song, it's a rhyme my Mom taught me about the traffic lights.  She makes me say it a lot... usually when we're stopped at a light.)

Favorite movies:  "Fishy Movie" (Finding Nemo), "Cooking Movie" (Ratatouille), "Seasie Street".

Sometimes she's so serious.  She's been giving me this face since the day she was born.  Except for now it's accompanied by a lot of "why" questions.

And sometimes she's so silly.  She lights up my days.  When she's not driving me crazy.  But she really does crack me up... and sometimes she'll say "Why you laughing at me?  I funny?"  And she really is.

I love this girl.  And I have from the moment I knew I was growing her in my belly.  I feel like I can close my eyes and remember it all... but then sometimes I'm afraid that I'm missing it.  Ah, mommy-worries ;o)

For today I'm forgetting all those parenting what-ifs and I'm just gonna enjoy what my baby's birthday is all about... blue balloons, Happy "Birfday" songs, fairy bread, blue cupcakes, snuggles and reading by the fire, and a ton of really cool birthday presents to open (most courtesy of the awesome grandparents this kid has!)

Happy birthday Lily-bear!  Momma loves you.


  1. Replies
    1. And thanks for your part in making it a special day for her!

  2. You seriously made some beautiful girls. I suppose it runs in the family. ;) It's a good thing you still have Sam to be the baby, because if not, I think I would cry. I love watching your girls grow up!!!

    1. I was snuggling Sam this afternoon in the rocking chair (they're both sick all the sudden!) and I was thinking about putting her down but she was drifting off to sleep... so I just kept rocking her and looking at her sleepy little face. All I could think about was that three seems so much older than two. And I only have one more year of two with Sammy! Gosh, I'm gonna go cry now ;o) Thanks for the compliments, now I feel like a beautiful-baby-making-rockstar!

    2. *Sigh* And now of I'm thinking of how quickly MY kids are gonna grow up, which doesn't even make sense.... but you might as well start treasuring those children before you have them! (???) :P Hahaha, you definitely are a beautiful-baby-making-rock-star!

    3. Hehe yes. Treasure them before they hatch ;o)

  3. Sooo sweet! I can't believe she is getting so big! Happy Birthday Lily! Great pics by the way! :)

    1. Haha do you remember when she was completely bald and super clingy with me? And couldn't make it through the nursery without crying her eyes out? Now I have to drag her to the car ;o)