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Friday, November 30, 2012

Watching as They Grow: Mary Poppins DIY Portable Growth Chart

Here it is!  Our family growth chart/measuring board!  I don't know how I caught the "DIY bug" but man am I in love with doing projects all the sudden!  I think I blame Kirsten mostly (is there anything that girl can't DIY with flair?) and also the fun Halloween costumes.  After I created Thing 1 and 2 I just couldn't stop creating!

Our inspiration for the growth chart design comes from Mary Poppins.  I say "our" inspiration, because Kirsten played a huge role in making this look so awesome.  If you're like me, then it's been awhile since you've watched Mary Poppins all the way through... so watch this youtube clip so you can remember the part about her measuring tape.  Skip to the 2 minute mark if you're in a hurry ;o)

I wanted the growth chart to look like a huge ruler, and Kirsten was immediately like "OH we should write 'practically perfect in every way' under your name!" and then after watching the clip I laughed right out loud because Michael's "measurement" kind of perfectly describes Jesse ;o) and my Monkeys ARE rather inclined to giggle and definitely DON'T put things away!  It was a perfect match for us all!

Total cost for the project was a little less than $20.  I didn't do much besides pay for the supplies and put on the three coats of yellow paint.  Well, I guess I had the idea (part of it anyways.)  K did all the cool scripting.  And measured the girls for the first time so I could snap pics.

Apparently getting measured is a bit traumatic, as they both needed to whip out the fingers/thumb for self-soothing.  Or it was right after naptime and they were still a bit groggy?

So we measured them at their approximate birthday heights this year and I plan to do it again every six months or so.  I also wanted to write down their "starting height" so we put their names at their birth lengths, with their birth dates.  

Having a portable growth chart is a must for a military family.  But even my Dad had to transfer our family measurements from house to house.  So anyone who doesn't plan to live in the same house forever should have one of these beauties to measure their kids!  I also plan to measure the cousins on it, because I remember that we would always do that growing up.  It was fun to get out the sharpie at family gatherings and see who'd grown since our last get-together!

Three cheers for recording your kids' heights as they grow like weeds!

Thanks so much for all your help Kirsten!  Another awesome project perfectly executed thanks to you!  I will treasure it forever, not just as a record of my babies growing into young women, but as a memory of your willingness to drive half an hour once a week to spend the day with your stay-at-home-mom-friend.  I will always think of you and smile when I measure my girls.


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  1. I am so very in love with this little project!! I am warning you now that I will be copying this (or some incarnation of it) in the near future! Great job!!

    1. I would be honored if you copied it word for word! ;o) Just make sure you show it off so I can see, too!

  2. That is an awesome idea!!! I love it!!

  3. it's a fabulous measure-er! you will be glad you created that when you look back . . . but it's gonna be tough getting the cousin's measurements while you live in a foreign country!! I love the adoring look Sammy is giving Aunt Kisses when she's getting measured (so jealous)!

    guess I need to watch Mary Poppins on Netflix if they have it (I don't remember ever watching it all the way through)!!!

    love YOU's

    1. You know me and my not so secret plot to convince J he wants to try to move back closer to family ;o) Hopefully our growth chart will be near enough that the cousins can come visit it. And us. At least once a year! We need to watch Mary Poppins, too. Definitely a classic! XOXO

  4. I love it!!! And can't wait to make mine. (I'm totally copying too!) And I need to get on it quickly before my kiddo grows too tall. :) I wish I had a Kristen to come and paint all fancy for me. Oh, well...I'll just have to make due I guess.

    1. I'm the same way... if it wasn't for Kirsten I would totally apply the motto of "better DONE than done PERFECT" ;o) But since I have her, I get to selfishly use her to make it perfect, too!

  5. Hello. I LOVE this! We are expecting a little girl this coming December, and I am doing a Mary Poppins themed nursery. I really want to make one of these. Did you just buy plywood for the ruler? Also, did you write on the ruler with a sharpie or use something else? SO CUTE!! :)

    1. Oh great this will work perfect with your theme then! I didn't use plywood, but I'm in Germany so I can't exactly describe to you what I got for the board... in the States it would probably be a 1x8 type finish board. And yes we used sharpie for most of the writing. Some of the numbering is painted... my friend is really artsy fartsy ;o) Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

  6. Hi,

    I'm doing a round-up post on Disney Baby about DIY Growth Charts and wondered if I could include yours. I'd just use one photo (with the photo credited to you) plus link back to your site for the full instructions. Would that be okay?