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Monday, March 11, 2013

Houston, We Have an Almost-Working Thumb!

Warning: fresh stitches and battle wounds on display in the following photo...

Wanna know the best way to ease your poor stiff thumb back into moving?  Video games!  Duh.  

The surgeon wanted him to get it moving as best he could with the bandage right after surgery... he didn't have much mobility and was in a bit of pain, but it was enough mobility to use the Xbox for the first time in months.  Which is good, because I bought him the new Assassin's Creed for his birthday and he was finally able to use it!

After we took the bandage off he had to try to touch his thumb to each finger and all sorts of tasks I take for granted.  I sat there watching him struggle with his stiff joints... and I played with my own thumb.  They're kind of amazing, those thumbs of ours!  If you're bored today, take a few minutes and really check out the things your thumb can do!

Unfortunately for Jesse, his thumb will probably never perform 100%... but at least he's out of a cast and able to move it now.  It's still bruised and swollen from the pin-removal surgery and it still causes a little bit of pain, but I'm relieved that we're that much closer on the road to full recovery.  Boys and their skiing accidents.  Oy veh.

Sammy has enjoyed parking herself right under Daddy's arms while he plays games.  It's pretty darn cute.

We're just taking it easy this week and it's been really nice!  (Top excitement on my list: a re-do of my traditional "perfect day" birthday celebration... every year I ask to sleep in as long as I want and then we go out for dinner as a family.  Jesse can finally take care of the girls so YAY for belated birthday fun!)


  1. Wow - I think I just mis-took Miss Sam for Miss Lily . . . both pics of him playing video games with a girlie between the arms have Sammy in them, right? (no birthmark, although I really thought the one in the purple shirt & skirt was LJ). This is a sign - I NEED to see these girlses more often!!! Love you all - glad the Mr. is healing up - hope he's back to 'fully-functioning' soon!

    1. Yeah both girls in the video game pics are Sammy. And DUH of course we need to see you more sheesh! ;o)