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Monday, April 1, 2013

Do's and Don't's for Next Year's Egg Hunt

Do:  Bring a few empty eggs with you to the store to make sure your non-candy items will fit.  I found tons of great non-candy fillers at the German toy store but alas, my eyes were too big for my stomach eggs and most of the toys had to go into the Easter baskets Sunday morning.  No biggie.  BUT can I just say that hiding little puzzle pieces in the eggs and then putting the puzzles together at the end of the hunt is TOTALLY going to be a family tradition!  (Brilliant idea I found on Pinterest)

Don't:  Assume your small children will totally understand the concept of splitting the loot evenly at the end of the hunt.  They're very into "mine" and "yours" lately, but at the same time didn't seem to understand that there was pretty much two of everything.  SOSTOPFIGHTING.  I mean, maybe next year (or in future years) I should buy two colors of eggs to make it more clear who's treasures are who's.

Do:  Have the hunt right after nap (and on Saturday when there's less going on) so everyone's well rested.  And also to draw out the fun even longer.  Cause duh fun is what it's all about!  And no one's gonna have fun when Momma's barking orders while slamming an egg hunt in between church and a big ham dinner.  (I actually did do it on Saturday, yay for me being smart.  This time ha.)

Don't:  Underestimate the generosity of the grandmothers.  Think: bigger baskets next year to hold the surplus. We're talking not only did both Gigi and Gram send AWESOME goody boxes, but our neighbor Mrs. Ehman also brought the girls each a toy and Oma surprised them with a mini-egg hunt on Sunday!  We have goodies coming out our ears people!

Do:  Remember that part of the special-ness of the holidays (for children AND husbands) is the sugar.  It's okay if they have one (or two or *gasp* three!) treats a day for Easter week(end).

So Don't:  Cringle about how everyone's sugar intake is surely weakening their immune system and now everyone's going to get really sick aaaaand... calm down.  You can hide the candy from the kids and start eating normal again next week.  Now go eat a cookie with your coffee and consider it your CHILL PILL.  If the kids get sick at least they will have been happy doing it ;o)  (I have a grudge against sugar, can you tell?  Sugar is bad.  But it's a special treat and that's okay, even for this hippie!)

Do:  Expect your girly-girls to make you get the eggs hidden under or near anything remotely prickly or branchy (and they count grass as prickly.)  Pansies.

Don't:  Forget to check more thoroughly when hiding the eggs to make sure there aren't any hidden thorn branches in said grass.  So I guess I should be thankful the pansies made ME get those eggs ;o)  At least I was the only one prickered by my stupidity.

Do:  Enjoy the great big smiles and belly laughs that your (and the grandmas') thoughtfulness brings.  I never knew being The Mom during the holidays can be just as much fun as being A Kid.  I remember as a kid going to sleep the night before Easter so excited about wearing my special Easter dress the next day and so so SO excited about the basket of candy that Mom always set out at each of our places at breakfast.  I think I was just as giddy this year as I set the breakfast table full of fun for my own little Monkeys.

A big thanks to Mom and Toni.  

Seriously ladies, your care packages make every holiday that much more special.  I can't wait till we can celebrate some of these little days together.  But until then, know that you are thought of and appreciated for the love you put into our care packages.  Some of the things you come up with to make the holidays special I would never have thought of... I'm so glad I have you lovely ladies backing me up and making these special days ROCK for my girls.  And also, stay tuned for LOTS more pics coming soon to a facebook near you.  It's on the to-do list for today (or tomorrow!) Love ya's!!!


  1. Great post! I love the "Do's & Don'ts" format. As we don't have kids I lived vicariously through you on this one. Looks like a heck of a good time!!! Awesome creativity with the "non-sugar" items in the eggs. That was right up my parents alley... (Dad agrees with you... sugar is evil.) Also, great shots of the girls! Loooooove you! (:

    1. Thanks! You can live vicariously through me/us any time! It really is getting more and more fun as they get older. I feel like I got to a point as an adult where I was sad when holidays came around cause no one hid eggs for 20-year-old me. Now I get to participate in the fun AND get the feel-good-boost of watching my kids wig out on sugar ;o)

  2. I feel you on so much of these!
    1: I'm looking for bigger plastic eggs for next year.
    2: I tried "You may collect one of each kind of egg" for our egg hunt, because (thanks to Mammaw forgetting each year that she already sent me plastic eggs the year before) I had solids, polka dots, and shimmery, so I just filled two of each and it made for a sufficient stash... well, sufficient *enough* I mean. They don't know any better!
    3: Seriously, though. My mom saves me SO much money every holiday.
    4: I'm definitely with you about having to tell myself to CHILL re: the sugar + dyes. Especially when it's not coming out of my pocket. I just made them take extra elder berry immune support - which they think is candy, anyway, mwahaha.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in all this ;o) But you must speak to me about this elder berry immune support... I've heard of it recently from numerous people but I've never researched it!

    2. Donna Calk recommended it to me, and I only did minimal research of my own - but it's basically your run-of-the-mill, naturally found in nature, immune system booster. Black elderberry extract, to be exact - the techno-science-nerd name is Sambucus. I got my kid-strength version at Wegmans (of course), it's "Nature's Answer" brand, and it's got some echinacea in there, too. The adult-strength has more stuff like zinc and vit C. And it's (naturally) yummy. (I'm sure a welcome treat after you ladies chugging ACV all season! I am still flabbergasted that the kiddos agreed to that business. I am a beast when it comes to taking "shots" of "medicine" (wink), and even I was like WHOA.) Anyway, we took it all season and didn't get more than a sniffle. (Well, those of us who *actually* took it stayed healthy - I'll let you guess who was the one stubborn one... Hint: he's a BOY, lol. And boy, did he get sick... He claims it was all just placebo effect, of course... Men.)

    3. Haha yeah Jesse picks on me, too but placebo or NOT that kid gets sick way more often than us ladies AND he stays sick much longer. Thanks for the info on elderberry... I made a note to check it out more come next flu season. Do you take it regularly as a supplement or only when you feel cold/flu symptoms coming on?

    4. Yeah, if we start to feel it, or if I suspect we may have been exposed to something. Or in this case, if our diet has been less than stellar nutrient-wise... which is often for my picky eaters. I'm pretty sure you can take it all the time, but it's not cheap, so I feel like we get our money's worth this way.

  3. I probably should take this opportunity to remind you that for this holiday, GRAMPA went with Gigi to shop for Easter basket stuff - - so he gets the credit (or the blame) for the chocolate bunnies and *most* of the candy we sent! I went specifically looking for non-candy items, but didn't end up with that much compared to the sweet stuff!

    You (and me and Gram) should probably check the after-Easter sale shelves for larger-sized plastic eggs - - and for different colors and/or patterns - - that will solve 2 of your problems. We had enough of a collection of eggs that we assigned each kid a COLOR (sometimes 2 colors) . . . which we sorted out pre-hunt and stuffed with pretty much exactly the same items (no fighting - - haha, good luck with that one).

    Also - - don't forget you need ONE extra-special egg (always remember where you put it) that you hide really super-well and the kid who finds it (often not on Easter) gets a really cool prize (as you guys got older, it was usually $$).

    Our neighbors 2 doors down were doing an egg hunt (with their teen son and his girlfriend!) when we left for church yesterday - - it made me miss those times!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

    1. Haha yeah yeah I know Dad's to blame. But you can't tell me it doesn't do your Gramma-heart good seeing them eating the chocolate ;o) I thought about that special money-egg but I think I'll hold off till they're a little older. Speaking of older... sniff sniff to kids growing up and having their own kids! LOVE YOU tooooo!!!