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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Imaginative Play According to My Resident Air Force Brats

This is Jesse's rucksack.  This is Sammy and Lily's "baby car-see-seat"  (car seat).  It accompanies Jesse on long hikes with Pedro and Chase and it weighs about 75lbs.  It gets left in our living room periodically and leads to many funny sights involving dollies, bears, and other toys.  

And also little girls.  Apparently they like to be buckled up, nice and safe.  Hey, those tile floors can be a dangerous place!  Gotta use your protective gear.

Jesse thinks it's funny when he leaves it out because I can't lift it to put it away.  He knows how much I love things to be put away.  I think it's funny when he leaves it out because it gets played with like some sort of dollhouse.  We're talking hours of fun... who knew?

So is it Jesse's or the girls'?  I'm not really sure who uses it more at this point ;o)

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