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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kids Say (and Do) the Darndest Things, April Edition

I've had these random every-day iPod Touch pics accumulating for awhile... the girls are in a funny phase where they want to "lie down and nap" every time they're in a shopping cart.  So they can often be seen as such whenever we're at the BX.  They also love our washing machine, cause they can see it spin.  They do silly things up in their room, like take all the bedding off their beds and put a sheet on the rocking chair (where do they come up with this stuff?) and they can also often be found sans pajamas and snuggling in the same bed.  Goofies.  They have the coolest Daddy in the whole world, who obliges their requests to "ride on the adogador" (escalator) every time we go to the BX.  For no reason.  They just go up, and down (and sometimes a few repeats, depending on how rushed we are.)  What a guy!  I love my family and I love my life.

I also thought I'd take a second to hit you with some recent kid-quotes...

-Lily was watching steam come from my cup of tea and she said, "Mom, I see the hot coming out!"

-Lily was playing pretend one morning and she looks at me dead serious and says, "I'm going to visit Aunt Brother's house."

-Lily had a blanket around her shoulders like a cape so I asked, "Are you a superhero?" and she looked at me incredulously and replied, "No MOM!  I'm Lily!"

-They are recently obsessed with the movie Rise of the Guardians, and Lily calls the Boogie Man the "Cookie Man"... "Oh no!  No, no Cookie Man, you so mean!"  "The Cookie Man's so scary, Mom!"

-Sam can kind of count to five... but she frequently misses 4.  "1, 2, 3, 5!"

-I banged my knee on the dining room table and shouted "Ouch!" and Sam looks at me and says, "Hurt yourself?"  and I said, "Yeah I banged my knee"  and she said, "Cry now?"

-We were eating a spicy batch of chili and Sam exclaimed "So spicy!  Napkin please!"  so I gave her a napkin and she proceeded to wipe her tongue.

-When "counting" sit-ups for Daddy, Sam got stuck... "One, two, two, two..."

-I sing a teeth-brushing-song every night, to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: "Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush your baby teeth!  Brusha brusha brusha brusha, brush your baby teeth!"  and Sam stopped me the other day and complained, "I no baby!"  so I had to change it to "brush your tiny teeth!"

Help!  I'm surrounded by adorable-ness!  


  1. what a great - so glad you're documenting some of this stuff. Kids are so funny and unpredictable and come out with stuff you just can't make it up! thanks for the smiles this early am. loveyouallmuch x0x0x0xx0

  2. ditto what Toni said! even when I don't get to 'check the blog' till later in the day, it brings me joy . . . warm fuzzies! Today PJ and Em brought their girls over (and John Madas too) and I got to see girlses (but not MY girlses) and I was missing you-all ever so much!!!