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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Few Non-Bread Recipes

By popular demand, here's the delicious Chicken Tortilla (minus the tortillas haha) soup recipe from America's Test Kitchen.  I just snagged an online version of the recipe so I wouldn't have to type it out from my cookbook... but I will clarify that the recipes are a tad different.  If anything, Krausnickitchen's version is more complicated.  It looks deliciously complicated, though, so don't be intimidated!  

I also used a modified version of this stuffed portobello recipe which I plan to keep around.  To make it Whole30-approved, I substituted an extra egg and some shredded zucchini and carrots for the croutons, milk, and cheese.  And I obviously didn't make the creamy-cheesy sauce for it.  Make sure to squeeze the moisture out of the zucchini and definitely add lots of salt and pepper to make up for the sad absence of cheese ;o)

The Hartwig's wouldn't approve of the mashed potatoes here, but I just needed some comfort food and Shepherds Pie was (in my opinion) a perfectly fine compromise.  I used coconut milk instead of heavy cream to make the taters.  And I also left out the Worcestershire sauce cause that's probably (definitely) not Whole30-approved.

I've already gushed about this avocado chicken salad and I'll gush about it again:  ITS SO GOOD!  In fact, I'm kind of missing it cause we ate it pretty much every week during our Whole30 month.  I think I'm gonna go put it on next week's menu to share with Bethany.  And just cause I want some!

Bacon-wrapped scallops.  You heard me.  So worth every penny.  The night I made these babies I actually also used some leftover steak from the freezer and I grilled them.  And Jesse and I were the happiest people in the whole world. Way happier than Lily and Sam, who ate some sort of boring leftovers that night cause there was no way we were sharing!

And that's pretty much it for easy, share-able recipes.  Or at least, all I can remember off the top of my head.  My afternoon coffee hasn't kicked in yet!  

One quick random blurb about post-Whole30... I am definitely seeing a trend and I don't like it: more bread and cheese = less room on my plate for veggies!  I know I'm bound to eat less veggies than I did during the diet, but it still surprises me how full I get on bread-type-stuff and how easily I can tell myself I "don't have room" for the most nutritious stuff!  Interesting... I shall have to ponder this more.

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