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Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Don't Know Where She Gets it From

I was working in the kitchen on something and I hear Lily say, "I'm making a cheesecake"... she gets her "cake" (yes, her cheesecake is literally made of cheese) set out on the counter, pauses, and says,

"Oh!  I need to take a picture!"

On a completely unrelated note, I got some new props for my food photography!  Can you say pretty white dishes and some colored place mats?

Anyone want some ratatouille?  I'm so in love with the depth of flavor in this recipe!

We've got some beautiful weather today, so priority #2 is planting the garden.  Priority #1 is naptime for all ;o)

Happy Sunday!


  1. thanks for capturing Lilbear "capturing" her cheesecake! this is another favorite pic! (how many 'fav' pics is one able to have? ;-)

    the YELLOW placemats are great!

    hey, we haven't seen pics of your seedlings this year- what have you planted?

    1. You totally caught me on the seedlings... I've been slacking on taking photos and posting them. But I have a garden update coming soon! Love ya MIL.