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Friday, May 17, 2013

Take a [Yellow] Drive with Me | Rapeseed Fields in Germany

Welcome to Spring in Germany.  One thing that I will always take with me is the memory of these yellow fields.  

They're rapeseed plants, used for making canola oil.  And they're everywhere... every drive this time of year is a treat.  

The first Spring we were here, I was in a bit of a just-moved-in daze.  And last Spring J and I were busy traveling by train all over Europe for the anniversary trip of a lifetime.  I just hadn't had a chance to capture these fields with my camera, yet.  

So I was determined to get "those shots" that I wanted this year.  Who knows what will be going on next Spring... if we PCS in the beginning of April, we might miss this!

(Yes, Sam is "taking pictures" with binoculars.  Three cheers for imaginations!)

So I went out with the girls on a "photo adventure" to shoot the fields near our house and I was lamenting to Jesse that I hadn't quite gotten the ones I wanted.

Well he decided that this past weekend we were going to take a trip to Ikea.  And he was going to drive.  Which left me free to sit in the passenger seat with the camera stuck to my face for 45 minutes...

It was beautiful.  Some of the best views of these fields really are from the road!  And since I'm usually in the driver's seat it's just not that practical safe to be taking pictures at the same time... It was so great to be able to snap shots of what I usually see driving around.  So I can share them with you.  

And so I'll never forget them as long as I live!!!

AND... I got MY SHOT...

This.  This is what I will always think of when I think of Spring in Germany.

So thanks Babe! Not only for driving at a time when you're usually sleeping, but for doing a little off-roading just for me and the sake of "my 400 flower pictures."  You're the best!  

Also thanks for having a good attitude while listening to (and singing along) with Lily as she serenaded us 25,000 times with Madame Blueberry's "I'm so Blue-hoo-hoo-hoooo" song. You're a trooper.  And it was worth it... at least, for me ;o) 

Because this one is getting framed and I will treasure it forever!!!  Have I mentioned I love yellow?  It really makes me smile!  

And speaking of things that make me smile, I'm going to get to take this same drive again today (Ikea is out towards the Frankfurt airport) and even though it's a little dreary outside I GET TO SEE MY SISTER THIS MORNING!  WOO HOO!!!

So Happy Spring and Happy Bethany-is-coming-to-stay-with-me-for-3-weeks Day!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! And have fun with Bethany!

  2. Oh Jess, such beauty!!! Thanks to both J's for them. By the way, your making me smile this morning too!!!

    1. Aw yay! Thanks for saying hi, I love hearing from people on the blog. Love you miss you!

  3. I'm so glad you got to capture this! So gorgeous...

    1. Me too! Did you see any of these fields in Italy before you left?

  4. My breath is officially taken away.