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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Most Awkward Photo-Bomb to Date

Sorry for the blog-crickets.  Normal life has ground to a little bit of a halt as both girls are pretty sick.  I'll also be adjusting to life-without-guests soon.  Wait, you mean there's no one else here to entertain my kids?  And I don't have an excuse to visit the bakery every other day?  Well, I might keep that one up, just cause it's so yummy and our time left to enjoy fresh German bread is limited, right? ;o)

Anyways here's a funny photography story to entertain you for a bit...

The little girls in the middle of this picture are Lilo's granddaughters.  And the woman is our landlady Dianna.  We were sitting across the crowd eating our dinner when I spotted them and started snapping some photos.  I knew that Lilo wasn't going to be able to make it to the festival (her health isn't so great lately) so I thought I could try to capture it for her.  She was pretty disappointed she couldn't come.

My zoomy-zoom lens allows me to get pretty up close and personal from a distance... but I was having a hard time a) getting a shot where they didn't look grumpy and b) getting a clear shot without stranger's-head-bokeh in my way.

It wasn't until that last shot there (after taking, oh I don't know, 15) that I stopped and gasped.  Jesse thought something was wrong!  I flipped the camera around to show him - "That's our neighbor from across the street!"  We almost died laughing when we looked back through the pictures and realized that she probably thought I was taking pictures of her and her husband!  Super embarrassing.  

And I'm 99% positive she thought I was taking a picture of her because she came up to us about five minutes later to say hi.  We don't even know their names, and I was just so embarrassed.  What was I supposed to say, "hey what's up listen I wasn't taking pictures of YOU for the last ten minutes..."  Right.

This is the best I could get with a heavy duty crop job.  Oh well, at least I got some awesome pics of them climbing the May pole the next day.

Moral of the story: watch what you're doing when using a zoom lens.  Things can get weird if you don't!