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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Night We Listened to a 270 year old Oratorio in an 800 year old Church

Date nights for us are pretty dinner-and-a-movie-ish.  But we recently branched out a little and acted all cultured and cool by hanging out with Handel.  

When Uncle Floyd was visiting, we were walking through the 12th Century Cistercian Monastary (or Abbey Church, as it's called) in my village.  And I was telling him how it was on my before-we-leave-Germany bucket list to see a concert at the church.  I'd noticed that they do them, I just hadn't gotten around to dragging us down to see one, yet.

And then he said, I know which one you should see... THIS ONE... as he pointed to an add for Handel's Messiah.  

I was giddy with excitement because a) I actually recognize parts of the Messiah.  (Hasn't everyone sung or heard the Hallelujah chorus?) and b) Uncle Floyd recognized the name of the Luxembourg orchestra performing!  I trust anything my Aunt, Uncle, and Mom say about orchestras and such because they're all music nerds.  All of them met as music majors in college and know how to play cool instruments, sing real pretty, and now teach music.  Their opinions are legit on this matter.  

So I figured out where to purchase the tickets (wasn't that hard... we have a tourist office in Otterberg and they speak English!) and we got to sit with every old person in Otterberg ;o) for this amazing concert.  Now I would be lying if I told you we weren't just a little bored at points.  It's a little long for people like us who prefer to see an action movie for a date.

BUT even though we were the youngest people there and the seats were uncomfortable and we were super glad to get out into the beautiful sunshine and head to our beer garden for dinner, I was still so excited that we got to see it!

I was nearly goosebumped to death when they sang these words.  SO COOL!

Thanks for the awesome date night Babe.  Next time we'll see a movie, I promise ;o) 

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