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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Always Love Boxes but ESPECIALLY with Holiday-Themed Goodies!

Mom sent us some rockin' July 4th supplies.  We now have decorations up, crafts done, and even got to enjoy some star shaped red/white/blue frozen yogurt popsicles!  Don't worry Mom, I also took some pictures, to be shared soon ;o)

Thanks again for thinking of us and sending little boxes of your love.  It makes the distance shrink and helps me feel like you're here celebrating with us.  

LOVE YOU GIGI!  (From Lily and Sam)  (and me)


  1. awwww - - YAY!!! Thanks for making the distance shrink for *me* and for giving me a SMILE before I start working today!!! LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOO!!!

    *AND* I just thought of this part - - one more monthly package and then the package will be GIGI!!!

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  2. The part where Lily is blowing on the wrong end of the "noisemaker" is so cute!

    Is that a ukulele or a guitar in the background?