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Monday, August 19, 2013

My Favorite Little Statue

So... kids never sit still.  All you parents know this!  And you also know how sometimes (i.e. in a public restroom) you really, really, REALLY need a way to get them to sit still for a minute so they won't touch anything nasty!

I was in such a dilemma the other day, when a neat study came to my mind.  I probably read it in Nurture Shock.  See, the kids who were asked to "sit still" could only do so for a few minutes.  But the ones who were told to "stand like a statue" (or maybe it was a soldier?) were able to stay still for over seven minutes!  (Or something... it was an impressive study but I can't remember the exact details.)  Anyways, I told Lily and Sam to stand like statues and I got blank stares.

So I said, "You, know, like the Statue of Liberty"  (more blank stares)  So then of course I end up standing in the bathroom stall like the Statue of Liberty.  

The good news?  They stood still for about two minutes.  Other good news?  They now know what the Statue of Liberty is :o)  Lily says "The Statue of Liver-terry stands yike dis... wif a book in one hand and a light in da other!"

This photo was completely unstaged.  We were in a bookstore in Ktown just browsing... and Alex showed Lily, "Hey look, here's a picture of the Statue of Liberty!" and she immediately grabbed another book and struck her pose!

It was adorable.  It also made me proud that she recognizes such an important American icon.  And perhaps I'm a little hopeful that I can now say "stand like the Statue of Liberty!" in the bathroom instead of "don't touch that!" "stay still" "STOP MOVING"  etc...

...though, I don't know which one sounds more silly ;o)


  1. liver dairy. HAHA! love it! (ps Tony told me last night how much he misses your kids and how they are his favorite...then proceeded to tell me about the time he went to see them and Sam walked up to him and said "poop".

    1. lol so so so much poop talk comes out of Sam's mouth. It's getting worse and worse! (and more and more funny!)