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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random Photo Shoot and Kids Say the Darndest Things, June/July

This is my new favorite kid photo.  And another example of one of their impromtu "photo shoot games" that have fantastic results if I'm willing to drop everything and grab the camera!

I'm a little behind on some super funny kid quotes, so without further ado...

Lily:  Mommy, Did you stop the rain?
Me:  No, only God stops the rain.
Lily:  We say "dank-you God" and he says "welcome guys!"

Sam:  What dat is?
Me:  The cantaloupe rind.  It's yucky, we don't eat it.
Sam:  EW.  I don't like to eat da "rhino!"

This one came right after Sam randomly licked Lily's face!  "EW SAAAAAAM"

Me:  (brushing Lily's teeth)  Look at me please.
Lily:  (itching her ear)  I have an itch.  I have Lorax in my ear.  
Me:  Lorax?  You mean ear wax?  They're not the same.  
Lily:  They look the same!
Me:  (bursting out laughing)
Lily:  (devious grin)  You gonna write that in my baby book?
Me:  Yes, yes I am!  

Tickle fight!  And LOOK at that chubby chin!  Don't you just want to pinch it and kiss it?  I do...

This one might be a little much, but I feel like we're pretty comfortable with poop talk on this blog ;o) so here goes!  (it was a whole conversation Sam had with herself about her poop while I just stood there shaking my head and laughing)

Sam:  Yook!  A baby poop!  Where da Daddy poop?  In my butt!  Daddy poop coming to take care-fof da baby!

[Gross, but hilarious, right?]

More tickle fight.  Ohmygosh Lily's face cracks me up!

During the maiden voyage of the new bouncy castle, I was trying to remind the girls to be thankful...

Me:  (shouting over the sound of the fan)  Daddy's the BEST! 
Sam:  (shouting with glee)  And I'M wearing a dress!  

(No, J was not wearing a dress, but apparently it sounded like that's what I said!)

I'm going to look at this picture next time I hear the shrieking of tiny humans fighting over the one toy that duh of course they BOTH need rightthissecond... and remind myself that they will be best friends for life.

Me:  Okay go sit down, lunch is ready!
Lily:  (on her little toy computer)  But I'm BLOG posting! 

What a little punk ;o)  


  1. haha i love everything about this post.
    1) Julia and I have almost the same exact conversation about rain and how only God can make it sunny ;)
    2) they are just beautiful.
    3) we talk a lot about poop over here too. (side note - no one ever told me how much poop there would be.) so - i think it's quite hilarious (and oddly familiar.)

    1. LOL awesome. Thanks for the beautiful-baby-high-five. I made them myself ;o) And yes, so much poop. So so much.

  2. I have the world's cutest grandkids - - I love them SOSOSOSOSO much!

  3. HAHA!! Steve and I laughed pretty hard over the poop conversation... it's so nice to know that some other family talks about poop as much as we do! hehe!!!
    The girls are getting so big, and more beautiful every day.
    Love ya!

    1. Love you too girl! And thanks. I always love hearing from you!

  4. AHH! THey are so beautiful. Seriously. I can't get over how big they are and how gorgeous they are! Love the shoot. YOU are so talented. AND this post totally made me miss my sister. I just want to give her a big hug...and now I'm tearing up cuz I can't. wow. What a great post!

    1. Awww thanks sweetie! I can totally relate to the missing of sisters. Thankfully my Brother is on an airplane right this second so at least I get some sibling love soon. And thanks for the gold stars :o) Means a lot!