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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun in the Sun | Gran Canaria | Wanna Get Away?

Vacations.  We have taken an unfairly awesome amount of vacations in our time here in Europe.  It's not our fault - we kind of HAVE to, right? ;o)

The Canary Islands are amazing.  We left Germany during a chilly rainstorm and we spent 6 days on the beach WITHOUT OUR KIDS.  (High five to Stephanie!)  Then we came back to more dreary German weather.  Typical.  (In Germany's defense, we have seen some pretty awesome indian summer days this week.  I even got to take the girls' birthday photos at the Japanese Gardens before it closes next week!)

But yeah, it's dreary weather time in Germany already.  So the lovely boost of sunshine mid-fall was just what I need to prepare for another winter here.  I think between my tan lines and my pictures, I will be able to cling that those memories of vitamin D for quite awhile now.

I was actually a good girl and took a much needed break from my camera most days.  But here's the facebook link to the pictures if you want to see some more.  Thanks Babe for the great trip!  I'll treasure the memories as I snuggle up by the fire this winter!

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