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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Sweet Angels... All Grown Up and Getting Black Eyes!

You should see the other guy...

Aww, look!  Their first black eyes!  No they did not get in a fist fight.  (Though I would put my bets on Lily if they did... that girl is getting feisty!)

So I was away in Amsterdam for the weekend on a photography workshop adventure.  When I got home I do what all moms do after being away from their kids for the weekend: I hugged and kissed the crap out of them!  

Then I looked down at Sam and exclaimed "What happened to your EYE?" and Stephanie said, "Wait till you see Lily's!"  

Two black eyes in one weekend.  What am I going to do with these kids?

Sam's is a pretty standard "kids are clumsy" story.  They were playing in the bouncy castle and neither of them are great at watching out for the other in there so one thing led to another and Lily's head met Sammy's face.  Black eye #1.  

They keep playing this game, it's kind of cute and kind of annoying.  Cute because they are pretending (yay for imaginative play!) and annoying because they are pretending one is the Mommy and one is the Baby.  It's annoying because "Lily Baby" will start whining "Momma, Momma" and I'll say "What sweetie?" or think something's wrong and she'll sass me: "No Mom, I was talking to my Sammy Mommy!"  Well excuse me for thinking I was the only Momma in this house!  

So anyways I guess they were playing on the couch and "Sammy Mommy" was feeding "Lily Baby" some "baby milk" in a "bottle" that was actually a wooden block.  Apparently Lily Baby didn't want to drink any more milk and Sammy Mommy insisted milk is good for growing babies.  Black eye #2.  

I told them no more fist fights while Momma's gone ;o) 


  1. oh my my my! quite the shiners they have there...

  2. I hated when my kids played mommy/baby. They made the most annoying baby sounds. I'm so glad we've moved on to horse and parade. So cute that they got shiners the same weekend!

    1. OHMYGOSH yes that's the worst - those awful fake baby sounds! Though I'm trying to imagine horse sounds and it's not sounding much better in my ears ;o)