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Friday, November 14, 2014

Guest Post | La-Tisha Pirtle | How I Adjusted to Life as a New Stay At Home Mom

I've got a great guest post for you today. I think it's super amazing advice and encouragement for any new stay at home moms.

Being a SAHM is a choice for many, but I hear a lot of stories from women over here that didn't have much of a choice. When you move to another country chances are you aren't going to speak the language enough to be able to work at your trained profession. And even if you try to work on base, those jobs are hot commodities in a saturated market. 

It's tough for military spouses to find good jobs over here!

Not to mention the fact that even if you wanted to be a stay at home mom (raises hand) sometimes it just sucks. In my fussiest moments, I used to call myself a STUCK at home mom. Charming, I know. I wish I had had this advice when I started out as a stay at home mom!

So whether you're new to the SAHM crowd or you just need some fresh SAHM encouragement, this post is for you.

La-Tisha is a Christ-Loving, Yoga doing, business owning, blog writing, “gourmet” cooking wife and mother of the year (every year). She also has a passion for personal development and seeing other moms go for their biggest dreams! Please check out her website or connect with her on facebook. 

Finding Purpose Beyond the Cubical:

                  How I Adjusted to Life as a New Stay At Home Mom

The most important day of my new life as a mom was the day that I decided to leave my job and stay at home with my son.  

At that point, I had been working since I was about 18 years old. There were even times in my young life that I seamlessly held down 3 jobs all at once. Leaving my position was a huge leap of faith for me. As my last day of work crept up, I was excited. I couldn’t wait to start this new journey in my life. I had it all planned out! Everything would be perfect. 

Then, reality hit.

About 2 weeks in, I started having a mild identity crisis. I had no idea where I fit anymore. My husband still got up and went to work every day. My friends did the same. It took me some time to finally find my place inside my home again - a place that didn't involve rushing around the house every morning to get to work, insistently checking email, trying to read the minds of clients who had no clue what they wanted, and navigating the waters between my priorities as a mom and the demands of being an employee. 

I'm not saying that I've got it all figured out. What I AM saying is that these are some ways that I've found to reclaim my value outside of the cubical.

  1. Get dressed… Everyday. And I’m not talking about your favorite Yoga pants – unless you’re doing Yoga, of course. Seriously, getting dressed everyday can give you a sense of motivation. I remember Saturday mornings as a teenager, getting up for breakfast and putting clothes on. I felt that it was my obligation not to waste a perfectly good outfit just sitting around the house. That meant I had to get out and DO something. As silly as that might sound, it’s the same concept now that we’re moms. Getting up and putting real clothes on motivates us to actually DO something. Granted, that something might just be a nice stroll around the neighborhood with the kiddo(s), but hey, it’s better than nothing! Keeping our routine of getting dressed daily also helps us feel like we’re good for more than cleaning pureed peas and sweet potatoes off the living room floor.

  2. Find a hobby. As women, we often spend so much of our time catering to the needs of others (kids, husband, boss, friends etc.) that we forget to look after our own basic needs. We forget that we need a release from the day-to-day stresses of life. That’s why I suggest having a hobby. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Just a little something that you can call your own. Knitting, crafting, Yoga, running – the list could go on forever. Just find something that you enjoy doing and that you can do in your (rare) quiet time.
  3. Volunteer. Let’s face it. Just because we’ve made the decision to stay home with our precious babies doesn’t mean that we no longer have a desire to connect with the outside world. As a working mom, I always enjoyed connecting with other adults outside of my household. Whether I was in the office, at the gym…where ever, really. A great way to continue building relationships is to volunteer. Not only are you able to contribute to your community, but you’re likely to meet awesome new people as well. At this point you’re probably thinking, “Volunteering would be wonderful if I wasn’t toting a child around on my hip.” There’s a solution for that - sometimes. Some places in the community (especially the military community) offer child care for moms and dads who volunteer. If child care isn’t available, keep an eye out for kid-friendly volunteer opportunities. That way you and your little one can enjoy the day. If your child is old enough, volunteering together is a great relationship builder.

  4. Find other ways to contribute financially. You can get creative with this one. There are tons of ways to earn an income from the comfort of your own home or from behind a keyboard. Are you a crafter? Make your creations available on Etsy.com. Are you fluent in a second (or third, or fourth) language? Offer lessons. Are you a wiz at finding the best deals? Coupon to save your family money. There are also numerous opportunities to launch a home-based business as well. Research what’s out there and how you can use your skills and network to your advantage. Put those your skills and creativity to work for yourself! Trust me, it’s so rewarding!

  5. Be present. This is by far the most important tip. Remember why you chose to leave the confines of your corporate nest in the first place – that beautiful little angel staring up at you. Yes, the same one that just puked on your shirt. Yes, we give up a large part of our identity to become stay at home moms, but what we gain is so much more valuable. We gain the privilege to be present in every single moment with our child. We gain the opportunity to sculpt their values, observe their personality, and explore the world through their eyes. So, enjoy every second. Enjoy those mid-day naps. Enjoy the sparkle in their eyes as they revel in the pure joy of Mommy blowing raspberries on their belly. Enjoy it all.

To say that making the transition from juggling a traditional job and motherhood to staying home with your child is difficult would be an understatement. Practicing just one or two of these suggestions can help ease the stress that comes along with making such an extreme life change.

What are some of the tips you would give new SAHMs?


Thanks so much for the guest post La-Tisha! Your words are very empowering and wise!

If you found her tips helpful, please share this post with a SAHM friend who needs encouragement! 

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